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3 steps to move from mummy blogger to business owner


By Jane Copeland

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If you have a blog it’s likely that you’ve been curious about how to go about monetising it.

I often get asked the question, “How do I get advertisers for my blog?”, so today I thought I’d give you my thoughts on this, plus share some tips on how to turn your blog into a business.

First of all getting advertisers for your blog, going with an advertising/publishing business model, isn’t one that I’d recommend as it’s a difficult one.

This is because generally speaking you need to have a truck load of traffic to make any kind of decent money. You also want to ask yourself if you really want to spend time pounding the pavement in order to source potential advertisers.

This isn’t to say that getting advertisers for your blog isn’t possible to do, there are blogs making good money from advertising, however I believe there are easier ways to monetise your blog.

For example, if through your blog you’ve become known as an authority on a particular subject, you can “package-up” your expertise and offer group coaching or one-one-one mentoring.
Another option might be to turn your popular posts into an ebook, or write a blog post series on a particular subject and turn them into an ebook. Or, what about doing a series of how to training videos, packaging them up and selling them as a training series or online program?

Regardless of what ideas you might have for monetising your blog, here are three steps to help you go from blogger to business owner .

1. The first step to creating a successful online business

Solve a problem. The first step is really to identify the need you want to fill for your ideal customer. The reason this is key is because if what you want to create as a product or service doesn’t meet a need or desire of your ideal customer, you won’t be very successful in selling it.

Start to think about the following…who is your dream customer? Picture this person. Put yourself in her shoes and try to get inside her head. Empathise with her situation and consider where she’s in need. You must be clear on the fundamental desire will you will attempt to fulfil.

2. Build a list of engaged qualified and interested prospects

One mistake I see bloggers and micro businesses make when they are trying to build their online presence and develop a following of raving fans who will want to buy what they are selling, is that they make email list building a secondary priority. There is nothing more crucial to the success of your business than a list of engaged, qualified and interested prospects. This is true whatever your business is.

To get started building your list, it isn’t enough to just have a subscribe box on your website. You want to create an irresistible giveaway that you offer to prospects in exchange for their email address. Make sure it is something that people who want to pay for your services actually want.

Tip: You might need to refocus the main action of your site to list-building by moving your optin form from the footer to the header or creating a feature area between your logo and the main content.

Your website isn’t the only place you can collect email addresses from. You can set up an opt-in page to collect names and emails. An opt-in page is a page that’s only focus is getting people to sign up to your list. Like this one here. The tool that my clients and I use most often, with the greatest impact to collect email addresses is using software called Leadpages. You can find out more information on Leadpages here.

3. Pay for leads
Make things easier on yourself and drive traffic to your opt-in page or website through paid advertising. Specifically I’m referring to Facebook advertising which can be very cost effect with the right strategy.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking that you’d like to turn your blog into a business but don’t know where to start. I know that creating an online business from your blog is possible because I’ve done it myself. My goal is now to help your dreams a reality too by sharing what I know works. I’ve created a group coaching program called Web Celeb Formula which is now taking enrolments.

If you’re ready to get out there and make a difference by building a successful online brand which gets you noticed and paid, then this training is for you.

I created the program just for people like you – who know that they are ready to get out there and make a big difference by building something real and getting paid well to do it.

In Web Celeb Formula, I take you under my wing where you’ll have the opportunity to receive specific feedback on YOUR blog posts, social media strategy, website copy and business strategy. You’ll also learn:

· How to choose which audience to target
· How to find your niche and positioning in the market place
· What content will interest the audience you’ve chosen
· How to attract the attention of your target audience
· How to turn traffic into subscribers

Numbers are strictly limited so I can give you the individual attention you need.

I’m thrilled by the caliber of women who have joined my program so far, and truly hope that you’ll also be joining us.

What are your tips to draw advertisers to your blog?

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