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4 must read books for March


By Emma Perry

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Woa! The beginning of this year has seen an avalanche of new material flooding into book shops everywhere - I couldn’t be happier to be honest. What’s more, I get to talk about my favourite new releases...

the-midnight-dressThe Midnight Dress by Karen Foxlee


“Will you forgive me if I tell you the ending?’ Karen Foxlee’s writing had me captivated from that opening line.

Foxlee’s narrative charm envelopes the reader in a blissful state. Evocative, meaningful and with a wonderful energy she literally glides the reader through the journey of Rose Lovell. Teenage Rose has been following her father around Australia for years. They drift in and out of towns, leaving when the signs become clear that her father has succumbed to alcohol … again.

Rose knows she needs to make a break – sooner or later. When Rose approaches the reclusive Edie Baker to make her Harvest Parade dress, their lives become intertwined in a way Rose never imagined possible.

cat-and-fiddleCat and Fiddle by Lesley Jorgensen


I try very hard to avoid lines like this one, but, here goes … if you enjoyed Pride and Prejudice, then you’ll love Cat and Fiddle. Why?

Overbearing, yet well meaning mother determined to see her offspring married off. Said off spring (two daughters, one son) going slightly off the rails (according to Mrs Begum). All living near the country estate of Bourne Abbey, UK. Sounding familiar?!

Then is gets even better. With their parents from India; Tariq, Shunduri and Munni are first generation British. Growing up between two cultures makes for an exciting, heady mix.

Jorgensen’s narrative is oh so evocative as she describes textures and details of elaborately woven saris, the aromas and techniques surrounding Mrs Begum’s cooking … and the scenes depicting Munni’s creative spells. Enthralling descriptions you can just sink into.

The warmth mixes effortlessly with many touches of humour as Jørgenson takes her readers through the haphazard exploits of this family. Verdict? Thoroughly enjoyable.

losing-februaryLosing February by Susanna Freymark

Macmillian Australia

Losing February is an incredibly powerful debut novel from Susanna Freymark, which draws upon her own real life experiences.

Bernie lives in Byron Bay. She’s a part-time journalist in her 40s, with three children. Divorced from her husband, she reconnects with an old university friend. She falls for him. Really falls for him. Physically they never connect, and eventually the relationship implodes.

Freymark conveys, with stark rawness, the emotions which overwhelm Bernie. She sets forth on a path of self destruction, pushing her online dating encounters further and further.

Explicit sex is a part of the narrative, but it isn’t the dominant theme. It’s raw. It’s confronting. Losing February is a deep look at love, and its ability to change us.

the-rosie-projectThe Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Text Publishing

Meet Don. He has undiagnosed Asperger’s syndrome. He is smart, intelligent and socially challenged.

He’s never made it past the first date. His lack of social skills seem to put prospective partners off. Why should that stop him?

Don forms a project, in his highly organised and scientific manner, to find himself a wife. Simsion creates a lucid, and comic, exploration of this intriguing character, as he sets forth on his mission.

Influenced by the screwball comedy movies of the 1930s, The Rosie Project is bursting with humour. It’s a strong debut novel, which sparked an incredible bidding war across thirty countries. With the film rights being hotly contested too, I highly recommend that you delve in before it hits the big screen.

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Emma Perry is a freelance writer, reviewer and founder of the popular a children’s book review and price comparison website. A Melbourne dwelling book lover, she can be found buried under a mountain of books.


  • Ah…so many good books.

    • Aaah it’s definitely that time of year Jodie. Happy reading to you!!

      • Choices, choices, choices! Thanks for the reviews emma.

        • No problem Jane. I’m really enjoying being able to combine my favourite passions – reading, writing and telling others about it!