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5 handy business tools that make a big difference


By Jane Copeland

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fairy_blogmother-184Today I want to share some handy business tools that I use in my business daily, that make things a lot easier and more efficient. I think you’re going to love them…

1. Skype.

You’ve most probably heard of Skype and are using it in some capacity, but did you know you can screen share while using it? To screen share using Skype, look along the top menu, go to “call” then click on “share screens” and voila!
How I’m using this tool: I use Skype every day in my business to do calls with clients. The screen share option comes in super handy when I’m teaching clients Facebook advertising or Leadpages or other things that need demonstrating.

Useful tip: Handy tip: Make sure you are using the most updated version of Skype and not running on an old version.  
2. Typeform

Create online surveys and forms using Typeform. Not only can you create beautifully branded forms, it’s free to use. The reports and stats you can access about the form you’ve created are fantastic too.
How I’m using this tool: I’m using this to create stunning application forms like this application form for mentoring with me here and also in the survey that I sent out to my clients at the end of our mentoring to collect feedback and prepare client testimonials.  

Useful tip: Handy tip: Put together a “zap” using Zapier to automate entries on your Typform to go onto your email list.

3. Lastpass

Isn’t it a nightmare the amount of times you need to log into different accounts each day? On a daily basis I log into a truck load of different accounts and boy is it a pain to have to keep track of  the different passwords and then paste them into each account.
However,  I’ve found a fantastic tool that stores all of your passwords for you so logging in and checking out requires no thought. Lastpass is dead easy to install. It prompts you to save your logins, generate new passwords, save Profiles for ALL of the sites and accounts you regularly log into. Is that a hallelujah? That’s right, it’s awesome. You can thank me later.

How I’m using this tool: To easily access and manage my client’s Facebook and Leadpage’s accounts. My assistant also uses my lastpass account to easily access any accounts she needs to access without me having to share the password.
Useful tip: Download the Lastpass app and use it on the go.  
4. Logitech HD Pro c920

This is my go-to webcam. It’s easy to install on both PC and Mac and takes lovely photos and records video. The Carl Zeiss lens makes your videos and pix look really professional and the whole thing fits into the palm of your hand. It even has a threaded bottom for attaching onto a tripod. Ace for travelling or hot-desking. For more information check out the product reviews on Amazon.
How I’m using this tool: For my Skype calls with clients, for Google Hangouts, live webinars and to film videos.
Useful tip: Works well with Skype.
 5. Live Google Hangouts Steamed through YouTube
Something new that I’m doing that’s replacing the usual way I run webinars and group coaching calls (which I would ordinarily have done through GoToWebinar), is to run a live call using a combination of Google Hangouts and YouTube.
What I love about this is that you can be seen on screen, you can easily have another person part of the call and as many people as you want can watch your call.  Another advantage is that your Google hangout is recorded and you immediately have access to the recording which is great for being able to share replays of your webinar, video or training.
How I’m using this tool: Moving forward this is how I am going to be hosting all of my live training and webinars.
Useful tip: Use this method in conjunction with LeadPages and chatroll to create a page where people can view and access your webinar from.
Well there you have it. I hope you enjoy these cool little tools as much as I do.

Do you have any favourite business tools? Leave a comment and let me know. 


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