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New for 2017: 5 marketing trends every coach needs to know about


By Jane Copeland

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Want to become the top player in your industry this year?

Here are 5 key trends that will give you the biggest increase in the year ahead:

1.Live video

To own the internet this year (and your niche) it’s all about live video.

Live video isn’t new but 2017 will be the year it fully takes off and becomes an essential publishing platform for brands and individuals who want to stand out and dominate.

Checked out Instagram stories yet? It’s like a personal channel into the lives of your friends or brands you love.

And that’s just it, there is increasing demand for more in-the-moment content, and behind the scenes view into a world (or event) they’d previously been unable to access.

Thanks to mobile devices and more and more apps and platforms giving some kind of “live streaming” functionality, we are all broadcasters now. And those who aren’t fully utilizing live video will be left behind.

2. Content marketing (but there’s a catch…)

If you’ve dabbled in online marketing you’re probably familiar with a typical sales funnel that involves a lead magnet (that your prospect opts into), followed by an email sequence, which ultimately ends with someone purchasing your product.

Well my fancy lady to be the top player in your industry, the lead magnet funnel is no longer enough!

The businesses and personal brands who will succeed this year will be the ones who are perceived as the leaders, the innovators and the influencers. And how do you I that? By sharing content.

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No I don’t just mean blogging and in fact there’s an extra step… sharing high value content and driving traffic to that content, via paid advertising and then having some kind of conversion strategy, is key in 2017.

Because when you are out there sharing quality content be it via articles, videos, micro-blogs or any other types content, then sending traffic to that content followed by a system to capture those leads AND remarket to those people, you’re going to quickly be perceived as the go-to person in your industry.

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And this year we’ll be creating content that resonates with our audience more than ever before because of the next trend…

3. Surveys + segmentation

It’s 2017 and we’ve realised that one size doesn’t fit all. If the content isn’t relevant you tune out and move on right?

We all have unique wants needs and desires and we want that related back to us in the marketing message. Hence another hot trend will be segmentation and personlisation.

Segmentation typically refers to segmenting your list. This is when you assign subscribers to groups that tell you about their preferences and behavior. For example what do they want delivered to their inbox? Blog posts? Videos? Do they want tips to use your product, or links to outside industry content?

The idea is that you can then personalise the message and create targeted campaigns and content that directly speaks to that subscriber segment.

How do you start to segment? Well it begins with understanding who your audience is and what they want.

The good news is that technology has now made it easier to find this out. This where the power of surveys comes in.

You’ll send a deep dive survey to your existing audience. From there you’ll go through an analysis to decide what themes and segments are bubbling up. Then you’ll put each “person” in a segment (often referred to as tagging in email providers).

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4. Certification

With such a low barrier to entry, anyone with access to the internet or a phone can in theory become a coach/sell online. And for the most part, the coaching industry is largely unregulated. Because of this certifications are increasing in popularity.

A certification is an official document attesting to a status or level of achievement. It’s typically a process in which a person proves that they have the knowledge to perform a specific job or skill. The proof comes in the form of a certificate after being accessed by an organization or person.

What consumers are after now is consistency and dependability in quality of the product and service offered.

Professional certification can help with this because it shows a level of achievement (and hopefully service) and shows industry colleagues and prospects that you are committed to your profession.

Notice how I just said professional certification? This is important as you’ll see with the next and final trend…

5. Global Powerhouses

With so many people selling online, purchasing from recognised brands and organisations, is becoming the first choice for consumers.

Winning coaches will monetize and explode their personal brand by having their finger on the pulse, and tapping into trends like these ones, and become an education powerhouse.

Which goes a little something like this…

The coach becomes (and builds) the “academy”, the “association”, “the institution” – also also provides the certification. Two good but very different examples of this are Mindvalley and The Female Entrepreneur Association.  

This means there is a very real opportunity for you to become The Next Top Coach ™ in your industry in 2017.

Find out how to get new leads for cheap (or free), create influence, credibility and be positioned as THE top player in your industry faster.

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  • Christina Nicholson

    I’m loving #4! People need to pay better attention to the expertise of who they follow online. Great stuff, as always!

    • Jane Copeland

      Yep, agree Christina 🙂

  • Julie007

    If only I could drum up the courage to leverage my experience in video production and get in front of the camera – Lol. Fantastic tips.

    • Jane Copeland

      Julie, you so should. Anything to do with video is hot right now.