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7 killer products for online business


By Jane Copeland

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Did you know that terrific tax deductions are available to you as a small business owner?

As the end of the financial year looms you’re most likely looking for tax deductions that are useful and improve your business. If you’re not, you should be — particularly in light of the government’s $20,000 instant tax write off (if you’re not sure what that is, click here ASAP to find out).

Now is the perfect time to explore tech upgrades – or even refreshing the home workspace environment with new comfy furniture or pops of colour! Nothing dates faster than technology and if you’re running an online business using outdated tech, it can slow you down.

Gadgets and home office products I’m loving right now…

Here’s a list of my TOP 7 online business/home office essentials. These are items that, as well as potentially saving you tax, are super useful and can improve productivity in your biz.

If you are in Australia all of the following items can be purchased online from Officeworks here.

1. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

This is one of the best webcams I’ve ever owned. Yes, you could use your built-in camera on your laptop or desktop computer, but this webcam will provide far better video quality. Plus it videos in widescreen, has an inbuilt stereo mic and it records too. Great for live streaming and online client calls.


2. Qudo Bluetooth Headphones

I freakin’ love these because they wirelessly connect to most devices,  look good and are comfy to wear. As well you can take calls with them (and play music and podcasts). At under $40 (AUD) they are excellent value.




3. Wynston Sit Stand Desk

I have just purchased one of these standing desks and so far I’m liking it a lot — it comes in a small and large size to suit any workplace! I wasn’t sure if this would work for me given that I work on a computer a lot, however so far it’s working well as it helps to reduce the amount of time I’m in front of the computer, and to be more efficient when I am.



4. Post-it Wall Pad

If you haven’t discovered these yet you’re in for a treat. These are giant post it notes that stick to walls and other surfaces (it peels off really easily too). Super portable and good for interactive presentations. I used them on the weekend with students at my business retreat. I also use them as a teaching aid in training videos inside my programs to explain concepts. So great!


5. Professional Ergonomic Extra Heavy Duty Chair

I’ve put a chair here because it took me 4 years of being in business before I invested in a professional ergonomic chair. Prior to that, for years I worked from my kitchen table and had to get the chair I sat in, reupholstered twice because the fabric wore out. As well I had lower back issues from years of sitting in a dodgy chair. I have this chair that I’ve listed and I’m really happy with it.




6. “Otto” Black & Gold Stationery Range

This is a gorgeous fashion stationery range. It’s super affordable and looks stunning. You might see this range feature feature in the background of my videos! Of particular note are the gold cross A5 notebooks. I gave these away as gifts to my mastermind students (and they are only $4.95!).




7. Comsol Powerbank Charger

If you’re anything like me, your smart phone is one of your most loved business tools. But oh my goodness the amount of times I have run out of charge while on the go, is embarrassing (and avoidable). Having one of these in your handbag is essential. Looks cute too.

There you have it. I hope you find my favourite workplace essentials from Officeworks helpful! There’s nothing like a good refresh of your workspace or upgrading your gadgets – particularly to prepare for the new financial year.

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