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7 tips to Feng Shui your video blogs


By Renee Longworth

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What you need to know about connecting with your audience through video.

So you’re ready to start using video to communicate your ideas, services and products.

It’s not surprising because according to Kissmetrics ‘viewers are anywhere from 64-85% are more likely to buy after watching a product video’.

But before you get started, there are a few things you need to know to be able to effectively communicate and connect with your audience.

Modern Feng Shui practices now realise that how you present yourself and your environment online has an impact on whether your audience trusts, listens and connects with you. This is because the audience responds and connects to the energy (Qi) you create.

So what Qi should you be creating in your videos?

7 Feng Shui tips to create good Qi in your videos

1. It’s time to lose the bed!

It is important to create an environment which helps create positive Qi and is conducive to your message. If your message is to inspire people, then reflect this in your video blog environment. Your audience shouldn’t be able to see your bed, files, piles of clothes or your fluffy bunny. This may sound like an obvious suggestion but it does occur.

2. Get yourself a good Black Tortoise.

When you place objects behind you, your viewers will search the background to find more information. If there is a view of your room, personal items, books etc the energy will retract from what you are saying and focus on what is in the background. By having a solid wall or structure behind you allows the viewer’s focus to be on you without any distractions. It also provides you with a good Black Tortoise; meaning backing and support to your ideas and what you are communicating.

3. Colour know how.

A white wall behind you can make the energy seem cold, unwelcoming and does not inspire. Adding either soft blue, grey, yellow or pink will provide warmth and energy to your video. Stay away from bright colours i.e. reds and oranges as these will be too distracting.

4. Add a Red Bird.

Having a small attractive object to the side and slightly in the foreground is your Red Bird for your video. It brings your audience into the scene and creates a space which encourages communication and connection. A small vase of flowers on a round table is perfect for this. Try and stay away from something that holds too much information like a picture.

5. Show yourself.

If people can only ever see your shoulders and head it will be harder for them to gain trust and ‘see’ you fully. Creating videos where the viewer can see the whole of your body – which doesn’t have to be the entire video – will increase trust and communication with your audience. 80% of communication is in your body language.

6. Shine.

Good quality lighting and sound is uber important otherwise it may reflect a lack of confidence or an energetic block in your message. Dull lighting will create a sombre energy and too bright a light; agitates. Having clear sound and good lighting will also boost the clarity in your message.

7. Make it pretty.

You have probably spent a lot of time and effort on your website to make it look amazing and matching the quality of your video will help with the overall energy of your site. Using all the tips above and incorporating your favourite colour, flowers or clothes with good quality lighting and sound, will help to boost your online energy and communicate your you-ness to the world.

Marie Forleo has the best examples of Feng Shui lovin’ video blogging I have ever seen.

She ticks all the boxes.


• She has a neutral background
• A good Black Tortoise
• Light and sound are fab
• She only uses music for her intro and when she adds a bit of hip hop.
• You will always see the whole of her body at some point in the video.
• She has her Red Bird – flowers and table
• The set looks pretty and she seems to always be wearing her favourite dresses.
• And there is nothing else in the vlog that distracts you from her or her content.
• She is the video blog Queen!

By incorporating Feng Shui principles, you can create videos which are more effective and create better Qi which equals better engagement and connection with your viewers.

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Do you use video in your blog posts? If so are you using any of the above tips?

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  • Jane Copeland

    Renee, love these tips thank you. I’ll be sure to use them when I do my first video blog which is this Friday! Also, I absolutely love your new book. Well done.

    • Renee Longworth

      Thanks Jane for the opportunity to post. Such a fantastic blog site! All the best for your vlogging experience! and I am happy you love the book!

  • Mary

    Some great tips!

  • Kristy Goodwin

    Such timely advice Renee. Thank you. I am about to film some more video blogs today and will be sure to use your tips as a checklist.

    • Renee Longworth

      Oh fantastic! All the best… I will be sure to check them out when they are posted!