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Hi, I’m Jane Copeland. Six years ago I became a mother to my son Elliott.

Prior to having my son, I was working in a senior management role that saw me work across the Asia Pacific.

At the time I told my employer, adamantly, that I would only need to take five month’s maternity leave, after which I would return to my full-time position.

Well, like so many women before me, I was completely different after having a baby.

“I had hit a metaphorical landmine and had a change of heart towards most things in my life (especially my beloved corporate job).”

I fell in love with my son which meant I had to seriously reassess what was going to take me away from him.

Fifteen months after giving birth I finally returned to my job, on a part-time basis. I lasted three months and resigned in December 2012.

While all this was happening I developed and launched this site, CopingwithJane. Forward six years on to present day and I make a good living thanks to this place.

My work is primarily focused around helping women start online serviced based businesses, find customers, put online programs together, sell over the phone and use Facebook advertising, to rise to the top of their industry so they can become The Next Top Coach ™.

I do this through my online business school for the modern woman playing a bigger game, The Business Made Beautiful Academy and signature program, The Next Top Coach ™.

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I truly believe this is OUR time. As a cosmopolitan woman you know that it’s not about being the prettiest or youngest woman in the room, it’s about being the happiest.

I like to think my company is helping in that process – of women living the life of their dreams. As well as being the secret weapon behinds hundreds of successful online businesses.

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On this site you’ll find a dialogue cantered around being a women who is trying to make a difference in the world. (Visit my free training vault here.)

Finally, I’m a little obsessed by this online gig. Through the power of marketing + the web, you really can show up as the person you want to be and have the thriving business of your dreams. I’ve done it and you can too.

Love, Jane xo

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Please connect with me here: Instagram: @copingwithjane YouTube: CopingwithJaneTV, Facebook: JaneCopeland

Official bio

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Jane is a digital marketing authority,  Australian entrepreneur and author of the book Boardroom to Baby…

She helps women position themselves as leaders in their field and create successful businesses that fuse passion with profit.

Jane’s business journey began when she became a mum and realised that her dreams of returning to her senior corporate role were fading fast.

Determined to pursue success and balance on her own terms, she went on to found her award-winning blog, CopingwithJane which has lead to a high-growth 7 figure business.

Jane’s teachings have helped thousands women across the globe, to stand out from the crowd and redefine their version of success.

As a sought-after mentor, marketer and influencer, she is the secret weapon behind hundreds of successful online businesses.


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