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Three years ago I became a mother to my son Elliott.

Prior to having my son, I was working in a senior management role that saw me work across the Asia Pacific. At the time I told my employer, adamantly, that I would only need to take five month’s maternity leave, after which I would return to my full-time position.

Well I hit a metaphorical landmine and had a change of heart. Like so many women before me, I was completely different after having a baby. I fell in love with my son which meant I had to seriously reassess what was going to take me away from him. Fifteen months after giving birth, I finally returned to my job, on a part-time basis. I lasted three months and resigned in December 2012.

While all this was happening, I developed and launched this site, CopingwithJane. I now make a living thanks to this place. The short version of my three year journey is that I reinvented my personal brand (along with my life), by creating a blog which led me to now have a business where I help coaches, entrepreneurs and small business grow their business using the internet. 

So now is a company that offers business coaching and online marketing services, retreats and digital programs to help entrepreneurs step into powerful, aligned leadership so that they can change the world with their unique gifts.

I like to think that my growing company that is becoming the secret weapon to world’s next great thought leaders who are going to change the world :)

All this happened from my kitchen table (with my baby on my lap).

I know that for many women having a baby can cause you to redefine yourself. It was having my son that made me redefine what my version of success was. Now it’s my mission to help other women do this same.

I understand you crave personal and professional success and want to be a great mama too. That’s why I created this place for YOU. On the site you’ll find a dialogue cantered around being a women who is trying to make a difference in the world.

I truly believe this is OUR time. As a cosmopolitan woman you know that it’s not about being the prettiest or youngest woman in the room, it’s about being the happiest. profile biz

Finally, I’m a little obsessed by this online gig. Through the power of branding + the web you can show up as the person you really want to be and have the thriving business of your dreams. I’ve done it and you can too.

With love & gratitude,

Jane Copeland 

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PO Box 201, Balgowlah, NSW 2093 Australia

Official bio

Jane Copeland image After giving birth to her first child, Jane realised that her dreams of going back to her high-flying senior management job were quickly becoming a distant memory.

As a result, she set up the blogazine, in July 2012, to help career women like herself successfully navigate new motherhood, and redefine their career and life, after having children.

Following the huge success of the blog, which now has over 1,000 visitors daily and boasts a number of celebrity guest contributors, Jane decided to compile her insights and knowledge on being a first time mum over the age of 30 and put them into this new book, Boardroom to Baby.

The unusual mix of Peruvian and Scottish parents, is said to be responsible for Jane’s crazy hair and love of bopping away in her lounge room with her son Elliott. Jane is also an advocate for the rights of women and children, and has a keen interest in pop culture and digital storytelling.

She lives by the beach in Sydney, Australia with her son Elliott.


Speaking and Press


I love speaking about reinventing yourself and brand building. Topics I regularly speak on are:

-5 steps to reinventing yourself and turning your idea into a business

-7 secrets to building an online brand that makes you money

- How to Establish Your Brand, Grow Your Presence & Attract Raving Fans Online

 -5 steps to creating an irresistible brand and online presence

For all media, PR, or advertising enquires or to contact Jane, please email

In the media

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Sydney Morning Herald, Manly Daily, NewsMail, Latte Magazine, Writing Bar, Business ChicksMother & Baby, Women’s Agenda.

Client love

LCG13-7-214x300“Aside from the call itself, the most valuable aspect of the session was the pre-homework which really made me sit and analyse aspects of my content and how it could be tailored more effectively. I would definitely recommend Jane to other businesses who are looking to tailor their online presence and to receive thoughtful feedback and advice on how to improve. Jane was lovely to deal with and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and can’t wait to work together again!”

Louise Glendon, Portrait Photographer


kristy-goodwin“My ‘online confidence’ has sky-rocketed. Initially I was hesitant about booking as I worried that I had committed to too many courses and coaching, but I’m so glad I did! Not only did I learn an immense amount but I now have simple practical strategies tailored to my business needs that I can apply immediately.  I loved the personal attention I received – Jane is fastidious with her written feedback and goes above and beyond the call of what is expected. Thanks a million Jane!”

Dr Kristy Goodwin, Director


Monika“Jane just GOT me and my direction.  I now have a good visual of what my brand will look and feel like, and have more confidence around how to set up my online presence and feel good about the direction. Great resources were provided and Jane is an absolute delight to deal with.”

Monika Berry, Creative Producer,


victoriaJane has the unique ability to envision and execute a blog that not only engages its readers, but also keeps them coming back with interesting content and great design. You will learn so much from her about how to apply these principles to your own site and get results fast!”

Victoria Gibson, Director,


RobynprofilepicI think your service is invaluable to small businesses such as myself. After one session I increased my knowledge of how to build my online presence, and have noticed that more people have been interested in my product and have had more shares across social media.”

Robyn Gibbes, Director, Cascada Eco Textiles


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