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Any advice on how to clone yourself?


By Jane Copeland

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Because it’s that time and I need some!

Clone myselfSeriously how on earth do you clone yourself?

Beats me, all I know is that I have to because I’ve reached a point in my business where I need some help and this means growing my  team of just me.

It’s an overwhelming prospect and I actually don’t have the head space to think about putting a job description together. I mean I need someone like me right?

In the past I’ve wondered if a virtual assistant might be the solution.  Publishing the post, What is a virtual assistant and do I need one, proved a hot topic judging by the amount of comments left.

But employing someone seems like a big headache and to be honest I don’t know where to look for a VA.

Clare Greig from Breath Online, suggested that a good first step is to ask around in your business community… so that’s kind of what I did a few days ago.

I wasn’t ready to look for a VA yet because my head was still spinning about exactly what I needed, so instead I reached out to one of the women’s business communities I belong to and posted,

“Do you have any advice on working with people/managing people/growing your team when you’re a solopreneur?”

Well, the pearls of wisdom I received!

Like these….

Clone fb






clone fb 2





clone fb 3





This is where I tell you that four days later I think I may have solved my problem, and I could be less than 24 hours to hiring my dream “clone”.

So what happened?

Enter Trudy Simmons, Business Strategist, Rottweiler with lipstick and official Virtual Organiser. Trudy, who is a member of the women’s business group I mentioned, had noticed I was getting busy. She thought she could help and had been trying to pin me down for a meeting for several weeks. Ironically I had been too busy to meet.

However after Trudy saw my question on Facebook, she contacted me and insisted that we meet tomorrow. She told me she would help me work out the criteria for the person/s that are needed to help my businesses grow.

We met on Saturday and I have three interviews set up for Wednesday.

The whole process only took an hour. First we defined my products and services and my traits. Out of this fell the type of person I needed, and WHAT I needed.

I worked out that I’m not looking for a clone, quite the opposite – I’m after someone who compliments me and has a slightly different skill set to me. It’s also important for me to have someone I can meet with weekly (while working virtually).

The benefit of going through a process with “a Trudy”, is that I was taken through a series of questions which empowered me to be able to articulate what I needed. Trudy then helped me achieve it. What I mean to say is that building the job description was easy, and not the massive chore that I thought it would be.

As it’s looking like I’ll soon have help, I’m keen to understand more about how to work with people effectively.

There are of course in the cloud solutions which can help you manage staff. One good example is PayGlobal.  Founded in Christchurch, New Zealand, PayGlobal is a company that provides human resource management software to companies. Whether you have a small business or large company, PayGlobal’s tools can help you make the best decisions for your staff and workplace.

Despite using people management software and holding senior manager roles when I was in corporate, managing people isn’t something I’ve had too much experience with.

Trudy is known for being excellent at working with people at any level so I found it interesting when Trudy told me that the key to effectively manage people, is the same process she used with me: facilitating other people’s success by empowering and engaging them to achieve their goals.

Makes sense.

What do you think? What are your top tips for working with people effectively? 

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  • Hi Jane, Firstly I’m really enjoying your blog. Secondly, I’ve been a Virtual Assistant for the past 6 years. Most of my clients are time poor and travel a lot. (Their office is a laptop computer and a plane seat.) Enter me, the VA, who understands their business and can field calls and make decisions in their absence. A high degree of trust is imparted by my clients and it comes gradually over time. After all it’s in my interest as a business woman to see their businesses grow and flourish and as a self employed person I have a unique understanding of what a business needs compared to an ordinary employee.
    Congratulations on growing your business to the point where it needs more than one pair of hands and keep your fabulous, interesting blog posts coming.

    • Thanks for your comment Vanessa. You have articulated what you do so eloquently. What your said about being able to make decisions in your client’s absence coming over time, makes sense. I’m so glad you are liking the blog posts – it’s great to have you here.

  • Hi Jane,
    This is such a timely blog post. You have outlined some really important points. I have recently started out-sourcing some aspects of my business and it has been brilliant! I have so much more time to focus on working on my business, which is my real passion.
    I LOVE your work. Thanks for being so generous with what you share on your blog.

    • I LOVE your work Kristy! Well I look forward to maybe seeing a blog post on your site about your out-sourcing experience. I’m curious to know what aspects of your business you are out-sourcing. Thanks for your lovely comment too xx

  • Hi Jane
    I love that you came to the realisation that you want the opposite of you. Someone who plugs the gaps and will run with and love the bits you don’t! My biggest tip in creating my dream team (and man they are good!) is to look for people who are intrinsically motivated. People who are demonstrated high performers. I’ve learnt there are two types of people, comfort seekers – who will cruise along doing the bare minimum (you constantly have to micro manage and motivate these peeps) and high performers. High Performers are the blessed kind of people that want to do their best for the sake of doing their best – because anything else would be disappointing to them. These people are angels. You can rely on them to do not just a good job but a great job – even when you are not there (which is obviously important in a VA). So how do you identify these people? You need to dig into their values, what makes them tick. You also need to look for demonstrated high performance in the past and ALWAYS check referees. Anthea x

    • Fabulous tips Anthea, thank you. I was actually thinking of you in relation to this topic because I figured you might a bit of an idea given your biz is so successful. xx