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Best ways to make customers feel loved


By Jane Copeland

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The little things still make a difference...

As I pause for a moment from working on my website — this dynamic, powerful gem that has helped me grow a business which helps entrepreneurs turn their vision into reality — I marvel at how technology has gotten us all to where we are today.

I know that I’ve got technology to thank for helping me build my career as a business coach while still having all the time I need to care for my son.

If you’re in business too you’ll know too that creating an online presence is crucial for your businesses today.

But even though just everything we do in both our personal and professional lives can now be made easier by going online, there are some things that I’m personally old school about.

For me there’s no arguing that maintaining a tangible connection with your customers is just as valuable.

Let me share with you why…

Going back to basics

Even as we enjoy all the convenience and time savings that living in a digital age provides, it can still be immensely satisfying to add a personal, more organic touch to the things we do.

With my fingertips on my laptop, I can communicate all my ideas and share valuable information with you in no time at all through videos you can watch and blog posts you can read.

But there’s definitely something more special about engaging with customers and community personally, during an event or a retreat, and handing out materials that you can peruse, keep, show other people, or display at home.  

As well, let’s face it who doesn’t love a little gift? I love to give gifts to my customers when they graduate as tokens of appreciation that recognise their commitment,  and to say you matter and are valued. It doesn’t need to be a big thing, it’s the thought that counts.

It’s something that a brand like Kwik Kopy understands. This brand has been around since 1982, providing print and design needs for Australian small and medium businesses — because really, some things are just better relayed to our customers through beautifully and professionally produced marketing materials.

That’s why I’m excited to share the different ways that Kwik Kopy’s design, digital and offset printing, laminating and graphic design services can help add that personalised touch to your business, plus have other wonderful flow on effects.

Putting your name in your customer’s hands

Where do I start? There are plenty of reasons to go the traditional route and spread the word about your business using printed materials.

You create a memorable experience.

When you hand out a good old business card, full-colour flyers or brochures, or stickers, you’re giving people a token that they can remember you by. This helps people recognise and recall your brand, as well as motivate them to respond.

You build credibility.

The first time you hear about a company, and if you’re interested to learn more about them, you search for proof of their business. You look for them online, visit their store, and ask around for reviews or feedback. So when they see your name and logo on official forms, envelopes, letterheads, notepads, rubber stamps and more, they’ll know you’re a real and reputable brand.

You can reach a wider audience.

Your business can attract more people — especially ones who may not be particularly tech-savvy — long after you’ve handed out your printed materials. When someone uses a coffee mug, umbrella, mouse pad, or pen with your name on it, others can see and remember it, too.

You exhibit professionalism and commitment.

Business stationery, posters, presentation materials, manuals, and reports that are all printed to align with your unique business message and personality tell people that you are invested in your brand and the image it upholds. People can’t help but be impressed by well-designed materials.

You appeal to your audience’s senses.

Reading something off a printed page or item that you can actually see in front of you, hold
in your hands, and perhaps even smell (we all know that distinct scent!) helps you visualise and experience the presented concepts more, and you feel like you understand the brand better. 
Here’s an example of what I mean. 

Making an authentic connection

You want to be found by the people you cater your services to. You want to be able to deliver your message organically to your audience. So you need to explore all the possible channels for creating that personal touch — and that includes high-quality printed business and advertising materials like the products that Kwik Kopy can deliver.

Here’s more!

Aside from helping our businesses create authentic content and get their message out to the world through expertly designed printed items, Kwik Kopy has something else in store for everyone.

Kwik Kopy is currently running an exciting “Scratch and Win” competition for all business owners! The competition ends 6th April 2017, so you still have plenty of time to come and join in the fun.

To enter the competition, individuals must spend $250 or more on Kwik Kopy’s services. This entitles you to a scratch card that you can scratch to see if you’ve won.

Get ready for the top prize: $15,000 worth of around-the-world flights, accommodation and spending money!

Participants also get a chance to win these great prizes:

  •         5 winners get a GoPro Action Video Camera
  •         5 winners get a Kobo Aura eReader
  •         10 winners get a Fitbit Alta
  •         20 winners get an Apple 2GB iPod Shuffle
  •         50 winners get Gold Class movie ticket double passes

There are also lots of fun Kwik Kopy branded merchandise to be given away, not to mention a second chance draw for a $2,000 travel voucher.

I hope you’ve found helpful tips for lending that special personal touch to your business from this post.

To learn more about Kwik Kopy’s corporate design and print solutions, visit

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