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Brand New: Innovative new website for mothers launched!


By Jane Copeland

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A fantastic project that I was a part of has just gone live.

Sky News Australia anchor, journalist and author, Jacinta Tynan has just launched a new website for mother’s called Mother Zen.

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I was thrilled to be a part of the development of this new site. I worked closely with Jacinta on brand positioning and the web design and was part of making this innovative new site happen.

You might recall that a few years ago Jacinta wrote this article titled “Is Motherhood Really That Hard”. There was a huge reaction (and kafuffle that caused the article to go viral) from mothers everywhere and throughout the media.

On her new site, Jacinta shares The Mother Zen Story which answers a few questions behind THAT article. (It’s worth a read.)

It also makes sense then that Jacinta has created Mother Zen so we can continue the conversation about positive mothering and share information and insights.

Motherzen is for mothers who don’t resonate with the overwhelmingly negative portrayals of parenthood in the media and in so many books and blogs, and want to hear from other women who are managing to focus on the upside.

It’s also for mums who are struggling and are keen to find another way.

While there is no set doctrine on how to be a happy mum, Jacinta believes it’s possible for all of us, no matter what our circumstances, to have a better time of it even when the going gets tough.

Jacinta shares her own perspective of being a mum to two little boys, as well as interviewing other mums who inspire her and experts who have taught her a thing or two along the way.

First up, Jacinta has interviewed renowned Neonatal Paediatrician and author, Dr. Howard Chilton, who shares his knowledge from his forty years caring for children on how to forge a strong connect with our babies from the start.

Jacinta also speaks with Juanita Phillips, ABC News Presenter, author and mother of two, who opens up about how she manages to do it all on her own.

There are also more interviews to come with leading experts and thought leaders who all share their insights into how to appreciate what has the potential to be one of the most magical times of our lives.

It was an honour to work with Jacinta on the launch of Mother Zen. I am 100% behind the positive message that is behind this new site. I encourage you to visit the site and check it out so you too can be part of the growing #motherzen movement to help you make the most out of our times as mothers.

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