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Chris Ducker: How To Hire Your First Virtual Assistant (Podcast)


By Jane Copeland

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Does this sound familiar?

You’ve gone out on your own to have more freedom. You wanted to find a bit of balance, and create a life that works with your family and lifestyle.

But then reality hits.

Chris Ducker podcast Running your own show means that you often wear many hats, and more often than not (or at least initially) this means that you do everything yourself.

The result is that you end up working harder than you’ve ever worked, often finding yourself working until midnight.

As someone who helps women establish their businesses online, I work with many women who need to grow their team of one, but don’t know where to start.

And as a small business owner myself, I know all too well the feeling of needing to do everything yourself and just how difficult it can be to let go.

You probably also have questions like; where do I find a virtual assistant, what kind of tasks can I get them to do, does it matter if I can’t meet them in person, and the biggie, how do I hire my first virtual assistant?

Enter Chris Ducker.

Three years ago Chris removed himself from his business of 130+ staff and became a virtual CEO. Now with a massive online following, he’s the go-to-guy on virtual team building and is about to release his first book Virtual Freedom.

In episode #3 of the Sell Yourself Online Podcast series, I interview Chris Ducker where he reveals everything you need to know to start using virtual staff to build your business.

Virtual Freedom book

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Letting go of doing everything yourself
  • Employing your first Virtual Assistant
  • How to delegate to virtual staff – “3 lists to freedom” exercise
  • Training virtual staff
  • What types of tasks you can outsource
  • Where to find virtual staff
  • Chris’ new book, Virtual Freedom

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

Listen here

To stay updated on new episodes of the Sell Yourself Online Podcast series, plus receive the latest tips on how to create, grow and market your business online Click here

Have you worked with Virtual Staff before? leave a comment and let me know.

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  • Great conversation Jane and Chris!

    I’ve just finished reading “Work The System” and it sounds like “Virtual Freedom” is going to be a great followup to it.

    One Q for you Chris:

    I’ve had bad experiences with oDesk/eLance. Are there any better marketplaces?

    Obviously I can use Virtual Staff Finder or similar but I’d like to get the hang of hiring/interviewing and get the process down. I just have had problems finding sufficiently non-retarded people. :/

    Vic Dorfman – Membership Site Expert