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Contributor guidelines

Get published on Coping with Jane!

Thank you so much for your interest in contributing to CWJ. We are always looking for well written, engaging content from our community.

We can’t wait to hear from you but before you submit your piece, please kindly take the time to read through the following guidelines and especially the Style guide – how to write for Coping with Jane below.

We accept completed submissions, pitch ideas and Coping with Jane TV interview suggestions.

Contributors receive full author credit, consisting of a byline and photo and at the head of the post, and line bio and social media/website links at end, as well as their bio on the CWJ contributors page.

Your post will also be shared across all of our social media platforms.

To contribute: Email your submission to  with the content topic eg ‘real life story’ in the subject heading.



Coping with Jane is an online platform where women can have real conversations about the issues that they face, receive useful tips and advice on developing and marketing their online business, and develop strategies to live life successfully.

We hope to create a safe and caring community where the modern woman is free to express and receive support for her innermost thoughts.

The community we serve enjoys thought provoking, upbeat, useful content and advice, on a range of issues that are relevant to being a modern woman aged 30+ who works outside of the home and desire to have a thriving online business.


The primary target market for is current or aspiring women online entrepreneurs who are changing the world. They are intelligent women of style and substance, aged 35+.

Our reader is curious and complex and has a modern outlook on life. She seeks advice on challenges she is facing whatever her life stage and wherever she is at in her business jourey, and looks to CWJ community as her trusted advisor and friend.

She is interested in enhancing her own identity and living successfully, and is after edgy, relevant and inspiring content which facilitates this.

Content we are after

1. Real life stories

We are after well written thought provoking content, concerning your experience on topics of the following nature:

-becoming a first time mother 35+

-personal perspectives on career and baby and work/life/balance.

-single parenting, post-natal depression

-careeer after baby

In particular we want to hear your real life stories. The stories for this part of the site should be written in the first person.

Stories with an interesting angle and entertaining tone are preferred, and as well content which is bend towards the age group of the community we serve.

We’re also interested in your political opinions  and topical pieces, especially as they pertain to “women’s” issues.

3. Expert content

Are you a subject matter expert able to provide useful information to the community CWJ serves?

CWJ provides experts and coaches a unique opportunity to speak to an audience actively seeking support and information on topics such as fertility, motherhood, personal development and running a small business.

Where possible your content should contain a call to action, and suggest ‘how to’ steps that the reader can take to enhance her life or improve her online business.

Style guide – how to write for Coping with Jane

Structure your feature post in this way:

  • Include a catchy headline. For information on how to write magnetic headlines click here.
  • Start with strong lead sentence or hook, that captures interest and encourages the reader to continue reading.
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Write as though you were writing for one person. Don’t refer to readers collectively – use “you” instead of “us”.
  • Consider how your post flows as well as the clarity and structure.
  • Use bullet points where necessary.
  • Our expectation is for articles submitted to be as ‘publication ready’ as possible and require minimal editing.
  • Length of articles should be approximately 400-600 words. Please do not submit articles that are under or over this word limit.
  • Use clear, straightforward English.
  • If you want to emphasise a phrase or word, use italics rather than underlining as it is may be taken as a link if underlined.
  • Titles of books to be presented in italics.
  • Spell out acronyms or abbreviations the first time you use them.
  • Define all jargon.
  • Every effort must be made to assure that news content is accurate. Please be prepared for our fact checkers to confirm sources with you if necessary.
  • Please feel free to email us photos you feel may be appropriate for the story ( this is appreciated but not essential). Captions and credits should accompany suggested images.
  • All submissions may be edited for content, clarity, and length.
  • Submit your article on an attached MicrosoftWord document (not in the body of the email).
  • Please include a 60 word bio, small headshot (in black & white), and your website and twitter handle.

Before you submit your piece, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do readers care about this topic?
  • Can we solve problems with surprising, new information?
  • How many people does it affect? What ages? Gender? Does the story relentlessly serve the reader?
  • What recent studies (no more than one year old) back up your story idea?
  • What’s the take home message for readers? What immediate tips does our reader walk away with? Will this help the reader gain greater control over one area of her life?

What we look for

All successful applicants have the following in common:

  • They produce well written, authentic, smart, inspiring writing that is interesting and relevant to the CWJ community.
  • Their articles present sufficient, stand alone information to the reader.
  • Their content is original, and has preferably not been published in similar publications.
  • We love writers who can meet our brief and provide interesting stories for our readers on a regular basis.
  • They are active members of our community, e.g. subscribers and commenters who ‘get’ what we are about.


Articles or stories may be republished but we would greatly appreciate it if when you republish articles that you let us know (so we can share it for you) and say at the end of the post “This article was originally published on” and include a link back to CopingwithJane.