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Five things every working woman should have in her kitchen


By Cassy Small

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“What’s for dinner?”

Three words certain to strike terror in the hearts of mothers everywhere.  You know the feeling; you get through the door after the day from hell only to be greeted by a hoard of hungry children and there’s nothing in the fridge!

We all know what we should be doing; making double batches, freezing leftovers and cooking meals from scratch but sometimes these just aren’t an option for the busy working Mum. Never fear, help is at hand!

Here are five things every working mum should have in her kitchen and a few ideas on what to do with them.

BBQ chickenHow good does a nice hot BBQ chicken smell? Even better your hot chook can be the source of option anxiety. Do you feature it in a pasta, stir-fry, salad or toastie tonight?!

Recipe Idea – BBQ Chicken and Mushroom PizzaPizza base – family size or 4 individual
1/4 cup barbecue sauce
2/3 cup chopped BBQ chicken
50g lean leg ham, chopped
4 button mushrooms, thinly sliced
1/2 cup grated reduced-fat mozzarella cheese

Spread base with BBQ sauce, then top with remaining ingredients finishing with cheese>
Bake until base is crisp and cheese is golden.

Tinned baked beansDelicious and healthy?  Sounds too good to be true!  The humble baked bean is a winner with the kiddies for a super-fast meal solution.  Don’t tell my kids, but I even grate carrot and zucchini into mine!

Recipe Idea – Bean Burgers420g can of baked beans
1 small onion
3 cups fresh breadcrumbs
1 egg
¼ parsley

Combine ingredients and shape into patties.
Cook for 4 minutes on each side and serve with your favourite burger accompaniments

Tinned tunaHow can something so amazing come from a tin!  Like the hot chook, tinned tuna is the perfect hero for any midweek meal and is a guilt-free option that can be ready to eat in minutes.

Recipe Idea – Tuna Pea and Corn Bake250g pasta
185g can tuna
1/2 cup frozen peas and corn
410g can cream of celery soup
1/2 cup grated cheese

Combine cooked pasta with tuna, peas, corn and soup.
Top with cheese and bake for 25-30min or until set

Frozen fishI always have fish fillets in my freezer for those “oh bugger I forgot to get meat out of the freezer” moments.

Recipe Idea – Cheesy Fish FingersTop fish fingers with any variety of pasta sauce or salsa and cheese then cook until cheese is golden!  Serve with salad or veggies

Pizza delivery menuFor when everything goes pear-shaped a stash of trusted and tasty take-away options are a must for every working mum!

What’s your standby dinner solutions?  Share your never fail midweek meals, we could all do with the inspiration!

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Cassy Small is a mother of two and co-owner of PR and Events agency, Big Fish Planning. After a career in the media industry, Cassy was called to Mumpreneurism following the birth of her second baby, and hasn’t looked back. Passionate about women maintaining the career ambition cultivated before babies, Cassy educates and entertains making life just a little easier for working mums.


  • Great tips Cassy, very handy indeed!

  • Eggs – then you can have brekkie for dinner. Eggs, baked beans and toast. If you’re feeling healthy and have some fresh veg around, add spinach, mushies or tomato.

  • Great ideas Cassy. Leftover cold meat, boiled eggs, a can chicken soup and some curry. serve on rice or toast. Quick and Easy

    • Cassy Small

      Yum! Sounds delicious!!

  • This is so true! Glad it’s not just me & love the recipes x

    • Cassy Small

      Thanks Fiona, glad you liked it. Hope you enjoy the recipes!

  • Bek

    Love the tin tuna idea. Never think to use it. thanks

    • Cassy Small

      Tin tuna is a lifesaver Bek!! So versatile.
      Hope you have a chance to try out the recipe.