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Style Therapy: Easy ways to fluro-fy your home


By Sheira

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You've probably noticed the fluro-frenzy which has recently hit our fashion boutiques.

These brightly coloured wonders need not be contained to the wardrobe – spread the love and ‘fluro-fy’ your home for Spring with these great interior design ideas!

Winter is over!  This means it’s time to push aside the dark interiors you’ve lived with for the past few months in order to make way for some fun, fluro fix-me-ups for your home. You don’t need much to make a statement and command some serious attention but remember, just as in fashion, less is best.

If your home is full of neutrals such as blacks, whites or any of the 50 shades of grey, then this season’s neon hues will pop when add them to your place. Add an eclectic mix of patterned cushions to your lounge suite for some spring-time spice. Country Road have a range of funky cushions to suit any decor. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, stripes, florals and plains. Ignore the ‘rules’ and have fun with colour this season – anything goes!




If cushions aren’t your thing, these fabulous coloured side tables from Kartell are perfect for bringing some sophisticated spunk into your home-sweet-home.



When dressing your living room, remember to think of neon as an accessory. You’d never go out in fluro pants, a neon shirt and a sequence necklace – so don’t flood your home with too much colour! Bits and pieces are all you need to bring your home to life. Try adding a brightly coloured lampshade to your neutral lamp or a small neon vase to a timber table for just a touch of zing.



Don’t confine the fluro to your living room, these neon beauties are here to stay and your bedroom shouldn’t miss out! Try a brightly coloured pendant light on either side of your bed. These cute table lamps from Kartell are amazing for giving your world some spring-time energy.




Now that the suns out, you’re sure to be doing more entertaining. So why not store away your timber dining chairs, and replace them with these fun plastic  ghost chairs in a rainbow of colours.



If you want to give your home even more illumination, new mirrors or pendant lighting only take a short visit from an electrician, but can make your home feel like it’s had an extreme makeover. If you’re really brave, get super creative and paint a fabulous feature wall of use some gorgeous bright wallpaper.



Once you’ve finished adding flair to your place with an array of coloured cushions or throws, add a simple yet chic metallic or mirrored piece to anchor the look.




Whichever way you choose to fluro-fy your home for the warmer seasons, it’s certain to inject personality into your home, put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.



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Sheira is an Interior designer and fashion stylist with more than 20 years experience. She has worked on some of the most prestigious properties in Sydney and helped to re style women to transcend from the ordinary to the extraordinary, quickly gathering the label "The Style Therapist". She believes style both in your home and in the way you present yourself are inextricably linked and should always be taken seriously but sprinkled with a sense of humour and individuality.