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Green bubs: Five top eco products for your baby


By Yatu Widders Hunt

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I recently read about a campaign called the Clean Bum Crusade.

Sounds kind of weird right? But it builds on one very simple idea. As eco conscious women, we are starting to care more and more about the ingredients that go into our beauty and skincare products, so why shouldn’t we care just as much- if not more- about what our bubs are exposed to. This got me thinking, there is a ridiculously wide range of eco chic items for our wardrobes, homes and makeup bags but eco friendly, ethical and organic baby products are often overlooked.

There are lots of reasons to become more conscious of what we are buying for our little ones. Organic and natural materials are known to be softer and more soothing on newborn skin. There are a raft of health issues associated with chemical laden foods and more and more ethical reasons to support fair-trade, handmade and homegrown products.

So, in the spirit of all things green, here are my top 5 ‘green’ products for your bub.

Wotnot biodegradable baby wipes

We are all becoming more aware of what goes into our skincare. Even supermodel and supermum Miranda Kerr says she uses certified organic moisturiser on little Flynn. Wotnot wipes come in a handy resealable pack, are biodegradable and compostable and are completely free from the nasties found in so many other baby products. Wotnot is also a brand with a social conscience, recently donating proceeds from its limited edition travel packs to a children’s medical service. While you’re ordering your baby wipes, why not pick up some organic makeup remover wipes for yourself!

Yum Mum Organic Baby Food

Yum Mum is all about encouraging parents to give their children nutritious, organic meals they will actually like! Yum Mum produces ready-made meals which are delicious, super healthy and most importantly, free from preservatives, additives, colours and sugar. Plus, if you order 8 or more food pouches from their website, delivery is free! Yum Mum has a huge selection of delicious food options including Veggie Macaroni, Risotto, Lamb Pilaf and Bolognese. Unlike other brands which use the word ‘organic’ at whim, Yum Mum is actually Australian Certified Organic so you can shop with confidence.

Fourzero baby clothes

Fourzero is a great Australian label which makes newborn clothes using non irritant fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo. Creator Carolyn Chambers used to be a neo natal nurse in a previous life, so understands first hand just how important it is to keep bubs warm and secure. Not only are parents taking notice of this innovative brand but it is already receiving international acclaim. It was recently named in the top 8 emerging designers in Australia and has also been awarded the Fellowship 500 by the Ethical Fashion Forum, for having some of the highest ethical standards in the world.

Eenee eco nappies

Eenee are all about developing products that care for our kids as well as the environment and that’s where eco nappies come in. Eenee claims it has designed the world’s most biodegradable nappy for babies. In fact, they are so compostable, they have been endorsed by Compost Australia. The company has also won a ‘Keep Australia Beautiful’ Award for environmental innovation. Best of all, the nappies are free from any harmful chemicals, are made with plant based materials, are super absorbent and the company even offers stretch gripper belts to help the nappies stay on!

Little Organics Toys

For the super environmentally minded, there are a great range of organic baby toys which use recycled materials and other eco features. We love the Charlie Bears by Little Organics which you can buy online here.  Each toy in the range has been handmade from 100% organic cotton and contains 100% recycled polyester stuffing, made from post consumer PET bottles. Interestingly, the makers of these gorgeous toys consulted speech therapists in naming the characters to ensure the sounds were easy for little people to learn. There are six cute creatures in total: Barley, Fi Fi, Larlie, Me Me, Poppa and Marley.

Do you have a favourite ‘green’ baby product? Share it below.

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A communications professional in the Government sector for almost 10 years, Yatu has been working across the environment and sustainability portfolios, among others. She is also a freelance writer and blogger with a keen interest in eco and sustainable fashion and beauty, social justice and health and wellbeing. You can read Yatu’s eco style blog Thinking Fashion.


  • I have been searching for a good sunscreen for my toddler…one that is not as full of chemicals as some of the major brands…any suggestions?

    • Wotnot makes a beautiful sunscreen which is all suitable for bubs or else you can check out the Organics Australia Online website for some more options!

  • Wish I had known about these when Elliott was born! Thanks for sharing Yatu.

  • Yvette A

    I use Jack and Jill toothpaste for my little one.Also a great sunscreen is made by Arbonne International.