From mummy blogger to millionaire. Discover Jane’s One Sales Funnel Model ™

Attract more traffic to your website

in the next 35 days

Want to get your blog posts read and shared + improve the results you’re getting from social media?

Are you confused about what to blog about?

Do you spend hours slaving over a blog post or worse putting the whole activity in the too hard basket where it never gets done?

You can’t find the time, don’t know how to talk to your audience, and you’re actually a bit miffed as to how a blog can actually help your business make more money.

You’re looking for some magic that would spice up your online presence, and send thousands of the right visitors to your website, taking your blog and business to the next level.

If only..

I get that this online gig can be a bit overwhelming but you know what, it doesn’t need to be.

If you want to stop hearing crickets from your social media activity and blogging, and instead attract more of the right traffic to your website, then I’ve got what you need…

Let me take you under my wing and share with you strategies that I’ve used to attract 2,000 visitors to my website each day and create a successful online brand.

Picture this,

A game-changing 5-week intensive group coaching program, where you’re given an easy to implement strategy which gives you the results you want:

 You stand out online and attract clients that matter


The Web Celeb Group Coaching Program with the Fairy Blogmother

Join my private coaching circle and in 5 weeks expect to:

  • Leverage social media to get more traffic to your website.
  • Skyrocket your subscriber count.
  • Discover how to write like an A-list blogger.
  • Learn how to create any kind of content with ease.
  • Create a killer “about” page which resonates with your dream client.

The Web Celeb group coaching program is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Take your online presence to the next level
  • Stop going around and around the creative cul-de-sac asking yourself questions like: what should I blog about? How do I write my about page? How can I leverage social media to get more clients?
  • Attract more customers by learning how your website, social platforms and blog can integrate together to build your online presence and create a buzzworthy profitable online brand.
  • Learn advanced lead generation strategies that get results.

What’s included:

 1. 5 x 60 minute game-changing group coaching sessions (via webinar)

Laser sharp coaching and Q & A with a online proven content creation whiz and fairy blogmother. I take you under my wing and share with you strategies that I’ve used to attract 2,000 visitors to my blog each day and create a successful online brand.

2. The Web Celeb Workbook

This is a 30 page eBook consisting of a step-by-step process to build a profitable online brand. It includes a series of creative and critical thinking exercises and swipe files,  that will leave you with a clear roadmap which outlines everything you need to attract more traffic to your site.

3. Email support + accountability + the red-carpet treatment

Email support throughout the whole time we work together. Expect my undivided attention which starts from the moment you book your seat. I research your business and come prepared to give you specific suggestions.

I also share my little black book of top tools and resources that I’ve used to grow my business.

4. Access to the Fairy Blogmother’s Private Facebook Family

Networking has been an integral part of building my business. I build strong alliances with women I work with and regularly use my client’s services, and recommend them to other clients.

Mastermind and brainstorm your ideas with other solopreneurs. Network and support each other as you grow your business. Leverage off each other’s skills and services.

Bonus: The opportunity to be featured on

Your success is my success and I use my own substantial network to help you build yours.

I give you the opportunity to write guest post and promote your business on Your post will sit on the homepage for two weeks and will also be shared across my social media platforms. This is incredible value as I currently charge  $270 per guest post.

Investment for the 5 week Web Celeb group coaching program with the fairy blogmother is:     $497

The program is strictly limited to 10 participants.

*Next program commences 1st August. SOLD OUT


**Group calls will be held on Thursday evenings at 8pm-9pm AEST

I’ll be in touch with further details after you make your booking.

Have more questions or would like more information? Email me directly at Jane at copingwithwithjane dot com. I reply to all emails personally.

Be quick though, I don’t want you to miss out.

Believe me this is valuable time.

Let’s take your blog from ho-hum to exceptional!

It’s sure to be full of light bulb and a-ha moments + a lot of fun! Get ready for a new for a new perspective that will forever change the trajectory of your business.

The work we’ll be doing together is incredibly powerful because EVERYTHING in your businesses hangs off it. Once you get this, the rest is easy.

What others are saying

"My 'online confidence' has sky-rocketed. Initially I was hesitant about booking as I worried that I had committed to too many courses and coaching, but I’m so glad I did! Not only did I learn an immense amount but I now have simple practical strategies tailored to my business needs that I can apply immediately. I loved the personal attention I received – Jane is fastidious with her written feedback and goes above and beyond the call of what is expected. Thanks a million Jane!"
Dr Kristy Goodwin, Director
Dr Kristy Goodwin, Director
"Aside from the call itself, the most valuable aspect of the session was the pre-homework which really made me sit and analyse aspects of my content and how it could be tailored more effectively. I would definitely recommend Jane to other businesses who are looking to tailor their online presence and to receive thoughtful feedback and advice on how to improve. Jane was lovely to deal with and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and I can't wait to work together again!"
Louise Glendon, Portrait Photographer
Louise Glendon, Portrait Photographer
"Jane just GOT me and my direction. I now have a good visual of what my brand will look and feel like, and have more confidence around how to set up my online presence and feel good about the direction. Great resources were provided and Jane is an absolute delight to deal with."
Monika Berry, Creative Producer
Monika Berry, Creative Producer