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How to get your husband onboard with your business

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Struggling to overcome this first mumpreneurial hurdle?

It might be useful to start with my own experience.

About six months after returning to work from maternity leave, I informed my husband that I wanted to be a Life Coach. Not only that, but the training was going to cost $6,000 plus business set-up fees. Oh and I wanted to leave my high level, professional job in favour of running my own business. Well you can imagine his response.

Twelve months later I’m still working part-time but I also have a thriving coaching business that’s on track to replace 1/3 of my professional salary this year.

My husband is my biggest supporter and helps me to achieve my business vision by helping out with our daughter and accepting that most nights I’m going to be coaching or developing new business programs.

But this didn’t ‘just happen’.

The best strategy to get your husband on-board with your business really depends on his personality and his specific concerns, however here are a few tips:

  • Communication is key. Tell them about your vision, tell them why you are so passionate about it, tell them about your achievements and the long term benefits for your family and ask for their help with tricky business decisions.
  • One of the things husbands experience when their wives decide to set up a business is a bit of jealousy because suddenly you are completely consumed by something other than them! So you need to make sure that each week you allocate couple time and family time.  I do this by making Saturday nights ‘DVD and snuggle night’ and making sure we have a family outing every weekend.
  • Prove that you can be a success.  Every time I make a sale, develop a new product, get published or interviewed  my hubby is the first person I tell. Now that I have been interviewed on national television and in national papers he is pretty damn proud of his wife.
  • Show them that this is not just a passing phase. It will likely take time to get your husband or partner on-board with your business, so work hard, stay focused and  in-time show them that you were right!
  • One of my clients has struggled to get her husband on board particularly due to financial reasons so she told me she did the following:

“I organised a ‘meeting’ with him so that he could get a better understanding of my vision and how I’m going to achieve it, and he was quite impressed. I showed him my financial plan and worst case and we agreed on some strategies to manage this if things don’t work out. I’mnow much more confident about my direction and belief, so his questions really helped us both!” Aerlie Wildy, Adelaide

Whilst getting your husband on-board with your business is important, Amanda Jesnowski of Velocity Media & Communications offer the following advice :

“I think determining the level of involvement from your husband in the beginning is important – establishing if you are making joint decisions or if it is your baby and the buck stops with you.”

Some of my clients are in partnerships with their husbands and I have heard so many stories of mumpreneur businesses becoming so successful that their husband quit their job to join the business. So jump in, work hard and there’s no telling what could happen!

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Are you running your own business? How did you get your partner onboard?

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