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How I built my business with social media (but why you don’t need to)


By Jane Copeland

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I built my business through social media, but YOU don’t have to.smaller

Even though I used social media to build my blog, which has lead to a multiple 6 figure business, it’s not a strategy that I recommend.

I’d like to tell you why and also share how I used social media to go from zero to  6,000 unique visitors in the first month of launching this blog.

Here’s a short case study of how I effectively used social media to get started online:

  • I blogged, then I used Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to my blog posts. 
  • To do this I taught myself how to write magnetic headlines. I put a sexy and clickable headline on each post. In the early days this took me a LONG time to do. Sometimes it took me three hours to write one headline.
  • Then I shared these headlines on Twitter. These tweets were designed to get people’s attention so they would click on them and be sent to my blog post. I observed and tried to model what I saw the best in the industry were doing – how they wrote tweets. I got pretty good at it.
  • I shared quality content. In addition to tweeting my own blog posts, I tweeted links to information and blog post on other sites that I thought my followers would find valuable.
  • I engaged with my followers on twitter and Facebook – jumping into conversations and trying to add value.
  • My followers grew organically, and sometimes not organically. To build my followers I proactively targeted people who I wanted to follow me. To do this I followed people who were following other people on twitter (usually similar blogs to mine) who I thought had my target market as followers. The idea was that some of them would follow me back.
  • I tapped into other people’s networks. I didn’t guest post, but I did something else which enabled me to have the same result. And that was, I had “big names” as guest contributors. The guest contributors would then share the post that they had written on my blog with their substantial following.

The result was that I got a lot of traffic to my blog. In less than six months of launching, some days I was getting 20,000 unique visitors.

Sounds pretty good right?

With those kinds of results you’re probably wondering why I’d be saying that I don’t recommend focusing on social media to grow your business. Well here are two reasons…

Traffic to your website doesn’t = having a business.

Secondly, I now know that there are easier things you can do that will give you a better return on your time. The return I’m talking about is money in the bank.

Back in the early days I spent AGES blogging and preparing tweets and pottering around on social media to get the “results” I did.

I investing a lot of my time in these activities, however I wasn’t actually making any money.

These days I blog less and spend hardly any time on social media, yet I’m making more money than I ever have.

The difference is this. I have sales funnels in place.

Although social media is hot right now, it’s putting a sales funnel in place that will result in money in the door.

Sales funnels aren’t sexy. You might not even know what one is.

A sales funnel essentially involves this:

Positioning yourself as the expert in ONE area.

Then setting up a process that results in a reliable stream of your ideal clients to your products or service.

I have the reputation of being the Fairy Blogmother but more and more I’m working with clients on setting up their first “fuss free sales funnel”. This is because hands down it’s what makes the biggest difference to their bottom line.

Of course there is a place for social media. However if your goal is to grow your business (and not solely a blog following), then a sales funnel will help you build your business faster and more directly than focusing on social media.

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