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How to get a beautiful client testimonial


By Jane Copeland

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A good client testimonial is one of the BEST ways to sell what you do. You will use testimonials in your email sequences and on your website and multiple .other places, to help build credibility and ultimately close the sale.

Here’s a 5 step guide to creating a powerful client testimonial that will have your dream customers lining up to work with you!

An unforgettable client testimonial contains the following elements:

1. A photo of the person giving the testimonial. If you can’t use their image, consider using a relevant stock photo and note that at the end of your testimonials.

2. Answers questions and objections that your potential client is thinking when they are considering and working with you.

3. Communicates the outcome and end result of working with you.Think outcome based language all the time. Pull out key quotes that describe the result that your dream customer is hoping to achieve.

4. Looks good. Consider having your testimonials “designed up” so you can include them in emails, on your website and share on social media. Make sure that your text is clear and big enough to read (minimum 14 pt ). Do not use cursive or italics, as this is difficult to read online where most of us spend the majority of time.

How to collect your client testimonial

You need to set up a system for collecting your client testimonial. Here’s a few suggestions on how to do this…


After you finishing working with your client, send a survey to them complete which contains specific, well thought out questions.

The survey should be designed to help create a beautiful testimonial for the work you did together. Here’s an example of what I mean >> ( It’s totally okay if you want to use my survey questions as you this as your own! )

You can create your survey in Typeform , or SurveyMonkey


Another way of collecting client testimonials is via video.

To see just how powerful a video testimonial can be check out these:




In the above three examples, I provided each client with 3 questions (which I took from my survey) and asked them if they would be okay to answer them live to camera. Then I edited them and in some cases compiled them together.

Success tips for client love

  • Try not to leave it too long to reach out for your testimonial.
  • Email your precious clients shortly, as in a day after, your period of working together concludes.
  • Make this a process that you implement ongoing after you finish working with your clients. Now that you have the formula it’s a case of rinse and repeat!
  • Start to collect testimonials from previous clients right away. Even if you are starting out just ask your “practice” clients for one.
  • The “magic” is in the way you ask for it. Give some though to the email that you are going to send.

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  • Anthony Rodgers

    Establishing your brand’s authenticity is also very important if you want to have a good testimonial. Sending a good looking and authentic invoice template, being to the point with the clients, offering some great but graceful deal, and many other these kind of things can be very helpful in establishing your brand’s authneticity.

  • Those are just some creative tips, Jane! Another thing I would like to add is, if you happen to encounter a customer complaint, don’t ever ignore them. No matter how negative their reviews are (most likely because they are frustrated about the outcome of your product or services), take the moment to take a deep breath and calm yourself. Take this negativity as an opportunity. Opportunity to make things right and mend with your customer. If you help them solve their problems, chances are, they will even leave a positive review about how you are accommodating to them.