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What if you still have a job? (Video)


By Jane Copeland

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Good question.

Transitioning from full-time employment to running your own online business is a goal many people have (and maybe you’re one of them!)

My business journey began when I became a mum and realised that my dreams of returning to my senior corporate role were fading fast. Determined to pursue success and balance on my own terms, I went on to found my blog CopingwithJane. The rest as they say is history.

But of course not everyone has a life changing event, like having a baby, as their catalyst for quitting their job. And therefore lots of people get stuck because they know the steps they need to take to persue their dreams of having their own business. “Someday” becomes “never” and you end up working for the man forever.

Leaping from the ladderThat’s where the new book “Leaping from the Ladder” can help. My friend, Jessica Nazarali has just released this really cool little book called “Leaping From The Ladder” which gives you the plan to transition out of your job & into your coaching business.

I caught up with Jess where we talk about her new book and tips on how you can quit your job with class. Watch my interview with Jess here.

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