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How to best recharge your batteries


By Emma Mullings

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Are your batteries flat? About to breakdown on the busy highway of life?

peaceoutWell it may be time to recharge the energy.  Do you know what the best way to refresh your personality type is?  Read on my friend….

A big part of learning to manage life when you’ve got a full dance card – projects, work, volunteer commitments, children – is knowing what you need to rejuvenate. Cue day spa …um unfortunately not.

If you do have a “what should be manageable” amount on your plate, yet are feeling overwhelmed at times, part of it could be you don’t know what you need to recharge.

For example, in my own case I have to make a conscious effort to create  “quiet time”. This is because I have two toddlers and we have no family in Sydney (my home), meaning there isn’t much downtime.  I also have a large group of friends. The result is that I’m always around people! Back to back coffee catch up’s are a regular occurrence.

Despite being busy and social, the truth however, is that by nature I’m an introvert! Therefore all this social activity can be draining.  I love nothing more than to potter around at home, and well, be a homebody.  This is what rejuvenates me and allows me then to enjoy the social times.

Now you may be an extrovert, which no, doesn’t mean you love to do jazz hands randomly in the street.  It actually means you are rejuvenated by being around people.  That recharges your batteries.

To “recharge” your energy levels, so you can get on with doing the things you love, it really is just about knowing yourself, what rejuvenates you -what your boundaries are, and scheduling that in your world.

How do you recharge your energy levels?  Does a night out with the girls do it for you? Or a night in at home?

Confident introverts are often mistaken as extroverts, myself being a perfect example.  If you love being a homebody it doesn’t mean you are wallowing in your pain,  it just means you enjoy your own company and silence. It is also probably necessary for you to have this time alone in order recharge your batteries.

Here is a little excerpt from John Melonakos

“Many introverts like to be around other people and part of the social scene, and many extroverts like to be alone and focused.  The key difference is how the person recharges. Which environment best juices your batteries?”

Feeling tired and stretched to capacity? I hope this post helps you figure out if you need a night of alone time or a night out with the gals. Either way if you add a baileys on ice into the mix you’ll be feeling much better.  Even superwomen need to wash their cape every now and then!

How do you recharge?

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Emma Mullings is a mum of two toddlers and works as a TV Presenter, Producer and Radio Announcer at HOPE 103.2FM. She is a fitness lover and journalism graduate who also likes to write music in her spare time....whenever that is!


  • Great post. There must be something in the cosmos making we introverts a tad reflective. Everything you’ve written rings true (including the lack of convenient relatives here in Sydney!)

    I blogged about the importance of spending time alone last night. I’m definitely an alone-time recharger. Audrey Hepburn said “I have to be alone very often. I’d be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That’s how I refuel.”

    However tis sometimes difficult to leave the vegemite encrusted decks of the good ship Mother-Guilt to get that recharge time.

    But I know it’s different for everyone. How boring if we were all recharging alone!

  • Jane Copeland

    Emma I’m the same as you. Definitely need time out and away to recharge despite being very social. I remember when I was younger feeling weird about needing this when my friends didn’t.

  • Mary

    I recharge my batteries in my sleep!