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Exclusive footage of the sell-out event “How to Sell Your Ideas Online”


By Jane Copeland

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In between relaxing and eating a bit too many chocolates over Easter, I found the time to produce something for you.

I’m thrilled about this because as I’m busy working on other people’s businesses, often this means that I’m a slow coach getting things out there for my own business.

This is something I’ve been working on and one of my goals for the Easter mini-break, was to produce something of high value to share with the community I serve, of which you are a part of.

So I wanted you to be the first to know that I’ve “packaged up” and just released the footage from my recent sell-out event, “How to Sell Your Ideas Online”!

Now for a limited time you can get instant access to the exclusive full seminar which consists of 3 content-rich presentations, at this never to be repeated price of only $39!

Reinventing_Yourself  Getting_out_of_your_own_way 5_steps_to_turning_your_idea_into_a_profitable_business

You can check out all the details plus watch the intro to my key note presentation for free here >>

If you were one of the people who emailed me to ask if I’ll be running the event in other states, I wanted to tell you that at this stage I’m not, but this footage of the live seminar is the next best thing.

The price will triple in a week’s time but I wanted you to have first dibs on this almost free valuable training.

To be honest, it’s some of my best stuff. The audience seemed to think so too. Here’s a snapshot of some of the feedback from event attendees…

Rosemarie  Kim_testimonial  Twitter

       Event Praise     Testimonial_Sarah

You don’t want to miss this!

You can check out all the details plus watch the intro to my key note presentation for free here >>


Jane x

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