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How to start growing your team


By Jane Copeland

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Have you become a slave to your business? Are you working around the clock 24/7?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions then today’s video is for you.

I’ve been there too. In the last couple of years my business has been growing at a cracking pace, but guess what at times it’s come at a big cost to my quality of life.

Self care has gone out the window, I’ve done all nighters and I haven’t been able to spend as much time with my son as I would have liked.    

These days however, my business isn’t like that, in fact it’s the opposite. I have lots of flexibility, lots of time to spend with my family and I never do allnighters.

Today, I’m going to share with you what changed because I wish that I’d done it a lot earlier! (Keep reading, you won’t regret it…)

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As a business owner you wear a lot of hats. This is often the case when you first start your business and you’re doing everything in your power to get your business off the ground. There’s a lot of balls in the air and you’re often juggling all of them.

However at a certain point in order to scale, to grow, you will need to shift from playing all the instruments, to being the conductor of the orchestra.

It wasn’t until I started outsourcing and growing my team that I was able to start scaling my business and get my freedom back.

That’s what I’m discussing today, how to start growing your team. And I’m also going to share what my team looks like.

You might be use to do everything and therefore you might find it difficult to delegate. But remember sometimes we have to let go of the vine to be able to swing to the next one. Even Tarzan knows this.

Where do you start? How do you start growing your team? Here are 5 steps to get you started:

Step 1. Is to get a piece of paper and put a line down the middle.

Step 2. At the top of one column put the word “me”, then on the other side “who”.

Step 3. Under “who” list out all the things you are currently doing.

Step 4. Then under “who” start moving things across from your “me”, that you don’t want to do.

Step 5. Go and hire the “who”.  

Let’s talk about some issues around building your team…

Finding the budget. The fact is that with the right person or team, you will enhance your productivity.

In any week you only have 168 hours. There is literally only so much one person can do. Now imagine if someone was doing a portion of the work, that means that more stuff can be done right and hence your business productivity will increase.

There is question that you do want to ask for each hire, and that is, “Does this role pay for itself?”

For example does adding a virtual assistant that you are paying $1,000 a month, mean that you can generate more than $3,000 in sales? Chances are it does because you wouldn’t need to be doing some of the administrative tasks. Instead you could focus on revenue focused activities.

So rather than worrying too much about the expense of hiring staff, focus on scaling up your sales and making staff costs, a small cost relative to the business revenue.

Now I told you I’d share what my team looks like. I have 3 permanent part-time contractors, consisting of two virtual assistants who take of things like customer care, client payments, bookkeeping, email marketing, setting up order forms and landing pages, managing the membership site, a bit of social media, booking appointments for me. They each work 4 hours a day.

I also have a Facebook ads person on retainer. As well I have two other contractors that I use on a semi-regular basis and that is a graphic designer and a copywriter. So there you have it that’s what the back-end of my business looks like.

Summing up, newsflash you can’t be good at absolutely everything. And you don’t need to be. Do you think Richard Branson knows how to do every task in his multiple businesses, do you think he’s doing them? No he doesn’t and isn’t.
You don’t need to play all the instruments, you just need to conduct the orchestra. So when you want to make some music (when you need to get something done), think who am I going to get? So instead of thinking what do I need to do, think who can do it for me.

The next question naturally becomes, where do you find good people? Well that’s another video for another time. In the meantime I have an “Outsourcing Guide for Online Business” that you might find useful. Grab it here >>

Download the Outsourcing Guide for Online Business

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