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13 little known strategies to have a successful program launch


By Jane Copeland

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Have you ever had a program launch that didn’t go so well? 😱Find out exactly what you should do after a FAILED LAUNCH.

Here are some red light emergency strategies to take when a launch isn’t going so well.

1. Improve your email open rates and sending frequency.

  • Check your open rates on your sales/launch emails. What is it? Does your list know you are launching?
  • Mix up the time of day you are sending your emails out.
  • Create a report of emails send and their open rates.

If you know that one of your emails was a high converting email, check the open rate,
then resend that email with a different subject line to your email list.

  • For future launches: Split test email subject lines and the emails themselves.
  • Improve the subject lines of future emails in the sales sequence. This is important. Go and look at them now and make them better.
  • Increase the frequency of emails being sent. Emailing every day during a launch
    is okay. Remember to send at least 2 emails on the day or cart closing or early-bird closing.
  • Pump those final sales email out! Here are some subject line samples (use symbols for extra impact):
    • Last chance to grab the early bird!
    • (Last call!) Peek inside 6 Figure Funnels
    • 4 hours left! save $200 on 6 figure funnels
    • ⭐Last chance
    • ⭐Early-bird doors closing!

By the way my favourite launch email is the “Is x program right for me?” one. See samples here.

2. Drip out a high value bonus. Run an FB ad for your new bonus.

3. Leverage your networks.

Leverage all your networks and current customers to help amp up the energy and momentum around the program.

Use your current community in say another program, to help spread the word. Offer a promotion such as “Want a free spot on the next round of X program? Then place a shout out on your Facebook page about X program and you’ll go in the draw. I’m giving away 3 spots.” You’ll need to incentivise people to take action.

Know anyone with email lists who can mail out for you at the last minute?

4. Get more people into the funnel ASAP.

For example, run ads to a webinar or new or existing lead magnet.

5. Do a series of FB live stream and Instagram live Q&A.

Email your list and tell them when you’re going live

6. Put “live chat” on your sales page.

Answer questions directly with prospects.

7. Invite people to hop on a call with you.

Add a call to action to on your sales page and also in your emails, inviting prospects to
hop on a call with you to learn more and answer their questions.

8. Use count down timers.

Three days before cart closes ensure you are using count down timers in both the
emails you are sending and on your sales page.

(MotionMail is a free countdown timer that you can put in your emails).

*Change the countdown timer to a floating bar across the top within the last 48 hours before cart close.

9. Push your money back guarantee.

Offering a money back guarantee can get fence sitters across the line but you may get
refunds so you’ll need to be prepared for that.

Send a solo email along the lines of… “Did you know that your purchase is 100% risk free?”

10. Reopen cart (after it closes).

Close cart as per current timing then reopen cart again for another 24 hours.

11. Offer an extended payment plan.

Before you close the cart or if/when you reopen the cart. Also run FB ads on “extended payment plan”.

12. Offer a $1 trial.

After doors close, offer people a $1 trial for 5 days. If they want to continue they pay up otherwise their membership is cancelled.

13. Switch FB ad creative for “last chance ads”.

Before your early-bird closes or the doors to your program close, assuming that you
are running FB ads to your sales page, be sure to change your ad creative to “last
chance ads” See samples here.

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