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Kate McKibbin: Monetising Your Blog (Podcast)


By Jane Copeland

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Kate McKibbinWelcome to a new episode of the Selling Yourself Online podcast series, where I chat to thought leaders and business leaders and try to deconstruct how some of the most successful emerging businesses  have created packaged and positioned their businesses online, and share their success tips with you.

In this episode I interview one of Australia’s most successful 6-figure bloggers, Kate Mckibbin, Owner & Editor of the runaway success (160,000 page views per month), Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily.

Listen as we peel back the curtain in this tell all interview, where Kate reveals the key elements she has implemented to grow her business and successfully monetise her blog.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How Kate grew her traffic from zero to 150,000+ readers
  • How Kate makes money from her website.
  • How to choose which brands to connect with and how to approach them.
  • Kate’s formula for knowing what the charge for advertising or a sponsored post on your blog.
  • Using social media to grow your readership – the one thing that’s enabled Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily to go from 2,000 to 60,000 followers on Pinterest.
  • Systems and processes that Kate put in place to grow her business.
  • And much more

Items mentioned in this episode include: homepage-imac

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  • Clare Greig

    Fantastic podcast Jane. Great to hear this side of creating a blog and then monetising it as opposed to creating a business then a blog to promote your biz.

    • Jane Copeland

      Thanks Clare. I learnt a thing of two too! Loved hearing about new tools to use.

  • great podcast! Hearing other peoples stories is so valuable and inspiring!!!!! Thank you both!!

  • Vanessa Sutherland

    Lots of great information. Really enjoyed listening to all the tips Kate’s learned over the years! She’s really open and honest which is so beneficial to newbies.

  • So many awesome nuggets of information here – I took so many notes. Thanks so much Kate for sharing what you’ve learnt, and congratulations on getting to where you are today. Jane, awesome podcast. Very inspiring – thanks to both of you!

  • This is such great info – absolute gold! Thanks for coming together to share this podcast!!

    • Jane Copeland

      Pleasure Kitty. So glad you got something out of it!

      • ha! such a quick reply – must have been online while I was still finishing the last few minutes!! I discovered your blog through Serena Sandstrom and am so glad I did 🙂