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By Jane Copeland

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We all have those days where we are inundated with phone calls that we can’t keep track of, or we just want to switch the phone off and get some peace and quiet!

logo-betaHaving a job where I work from home means I’m often working strange hours or I’m juggling a lot of different things at the one time, including taking care of my two year old son. This means that sometimes I’m not able to take all my calls – for example when I have a day when I’m working with clients back to back.

Recently I’ve been using a service that I’ve found has come in handy. It’s called Air Office and they’re a virtual phone receptionist service that take your calls, messages and transfer your calls to the right people.

The reason I’m finding this service valuable is because I want everyone who calls me to know that their call is appreciated, therefore I feel it’s important they get to talk to a real person and not a machine. I’m using Air Office to answer my calls when I can’t, and so far I’ve found the service great.

It also means that I can work virtually from anywhere, and these guys make it easy with the latest technology. The best part is you only pay for the services you actually use.

Some of the other benefits of using Air Office include:

• A local and professional receptionist (no call centres or offshore teams) providing tailored call handling who will get to know you, your clients and your business

• A business telephone number within your local market

• Call transfers to anywhere you are in the world

• You can adjust your receptionist instructions, online and in real time

• Highest quality technology with premium call quality

• Interactive voice mail with caller input

One of the perks when using Air Office is that you get given a local telephone number. You can use this number as a land-line for clients to call.

If you want your mobile number to be private and have a separate number for your business calls – then this is an easy way of doing just that. You can have your clients call the land-line then have the receptionist transfer the calls to your mobile.

Air Office Live Receptionist hours are 8.30am to 5.30pm business days. Outside those hours you can use the dashboard features to manage how your calls are answered.

Air Office is making my life a little easier. What services do you use to make your working life easier?

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