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Revealed: Winners of the 2017 Next Top Coach™ Awards


By Jane Copeland

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Women working alone or with small teams are making money (and a lot of it), simply selling their expertise and it's giving us something to celebrate...

Got an expertise? Then there’s a good chance you can package and sell it.

Want to start a serviced based business? Well there’s no need to pay for expensive inventory or rent – all you need is Wi-Fi.

What’s more, margins are high and overheads low and best of all you can do it from home while juggling kids.

Welcome to the rise of the Next Top Coach™.  

Never before have so many people created their own work and forged their own destinies.

Whether through coaching, freelancing, selling services or online programs, the world is changing as people embrace creative, independent work.

And the opportunities are endless. This isn’t a trend or passing fad. This is the 21st century version of the Industrial Revolution. It’s a new way of life, and we’re just getting started.

The Business Made Beautiful Academy is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Next Top Coach™ Awards for Women in Business.

These awards recognise individual female solopreneurs and small business owners (with 5 or less employees), who have achieved accomplishments of significance in their business and market they serve.

They were created to honour and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of women in service based and online businesses worldwide.

Meet 7 women at the top of their game, cashing in from selling their experience and our award winners…

Awards and category winners:

Category winner

Female Entrepreneur of the Year:

Nik Toth, The Lean Body Coach

Awarded for overall excellence in business –  team, growth, product innovation, marketing, contribution and impact.

Category winner

Fastest Growing Business of the Year:

Larissa Macleman, Salon Owners Collective

Category winner

Best New Product of the Year:

Jess Willman, Explode Your Network Marketing Business Bootcamp

Category runner up

Best New Product of the Year:

Pru Chapman, Hustlers Assembly

Category winner

Women Helping Women Award:

Julia Hasche, Single Mothers Survival

This award recognises the achievements of women who provided support and assistance to women in their communities.

Category runner up

Women Helping Women Award:

Uldouz Van Eenoo, The Mother’s Den

Category winner

Service Quality:

Janet Kafadar, Program Design Specialist

Awarded for excellence in client satisfaction of delivered service.

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Jane Copeland is an Australian entrepreneur and head of The Business Made Beautiful Academy – an online business school for women utilising her unique Next Top Coach ™ System. She is also a digital marketing authority, publisher of the award winning blog and author of the book Boardroom to Baby. Jane's obsession with internet marketing and her teachings, have helped many people across the globe to stand out from the crowd and redefine their version of success. Learn more about Jane’s programs here.