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Five easy ways to start having more ‘me’ time


By Peggy Saas

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What is it about women and guilt?

We spend so much time making sure our loved ones are looked after and content, that it’s easy to forget about looking after ourselves. And when we DO put our own needs at the top of the list we torment ourselves with guilt and regret.

Four years ago I became co-owner of a small business. Over the years the added responsibilities that come with owning a business started to multiply. I slowly found myself working longer hours, taking work home, and the lines between work and home became somewhat blurred.

With less time and more work my dedication to my family didn’t waver however, but the dedication I had to looking after myself did. What resulted was an exhausted version of me. My home life suffered, my work ethic suffered, and I found myself drowning in exhaustion and resentment. To improve my situation I decided to take responsibility for myself and start taking care of me.

Applying self-love to your day and injecting a bit of ‘me’ time, is imperative in maintaining a sensible balance. By taking the time to focus on yourself you nurture the part that enables you to function well and maintain a calm existence during stressful times.

Start having more me time by these five simple steps to apply self-love to your every day:

Just “be”At those times when all I hear is noise and all I see is deadlines, I crave moments of silence and solitude. Dedicate 30 minutes of your morning to just sit and be before the craziness of the day kicks in. It’s a chance to focus on yourself without agenda. Do this daily.

Say noAt one point I had so much on my plate that I decided to take a step back and start declining invitations. Before you say yes to that chairperson position on that committee, or that spot on the local netball team, be realistic about how much time you want to devote to extra responsibilities. And those endless social invitations? Choose carefully, you don’t need to attend everything!

Do more of what brings you joyI don’t enjoy watching television and would much rather spend my spare time doing things I really enjoy. Want to take up craft or write your first novel? Cut out useless activities that bring you no joy to make way for the things that do.

Leave the housework I am messy by nature so I can truthfully say I am happy to leave my housework to rest. However if you’re the opposite to me, try sitting down and putting your feet up to read a book or watch a movie. This will soothe your soul more than clean floors during busy times.

Ask for help You know how sometimes it’s just easier to do something yourself than try to explain to someone else what needs doing? I have trouble with that. But once you ask for help, be it for the smallest of tasks, you will find the burden of responsibility just … list. Even if it’s only for a moment, it’s worth it.

When we apply self-love we are feeding our own self-worth with all that is good. We are telling ourselves we deserve attention and that we deserve to be put first once in a while. We deserve to be happy and when we are, it doesn’t just benefit us, it benefits everyone around us.

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Peggy Saas is a writer, aspiring food photographer and ace mum to one. As co-owner of a small business and having worked full time for 23 years, Peggy knows the importance of self-love in our busy world. She hopes to inspire others to realise its value.


  • It is such a tough thing to do. I am very guilty of putting myself last. At the moment my only me time is walking the dogs on a Sunday morning. I crave for that time. I know I need to do more for me and it is a matter of making it a priority and scheduling it in. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

    • You’re welcome Jodi. I think it’s very natural to put loved ones first, I have to remind myself to take time out for myself. Once I made it a regular thing though I found I got very protective over it and I am very reluctant to give it up now! Good luck finding some more ‘me’ time.

  • You’re so right Peggy it’s about making ‘you’ time as important a habit as your kids bedtime routine. My exercise habits have slipped recently so started with great gusto yesterday – nearly fell down the stairs today my legs ache so much – but still smiling. Great reminder 😉

    • Thank you Elinor. We will never have time, we have to ‘make’ time. So simple yet sometimes so difficult! Hope the legs ease up, well done on getting back into it!

  • Carly Webber

    Oh how I can relate to this – great tips, thank you Peggy. Love that third one, and have to admit, I am a neat freak so that number 4 while is so true, it’s hard to let go. My husband couldn’t care less for tidy, and the kids are hurricanes so I might have to follow the advise and LET. IT. GO! 😉

    • Carly I find it easy to let it go as I can turn a blind eye to mess, but I understand for the house proud or organised individual it isn’t *that* easy. Good thing you’re considering trying though. You could always compromise and do half/half. Half the time relaxing and spending time on you, and the other half cleaning, so that the place doesn’t look completely chaotic (which you know will bother you) and yet you still get some time to do more fun stuff. Good luck! Let me know how you go.

  • I really needed this reminder, thank you Peggy. I am going to try and make it a priority to take some time out just for myself each week. I’m hoping that this will mean making time to do at least one yoga class per week… and leaving the housework for a bit!

    • You’re welcome Jane, I think we could all do with a reminder now and again.

      I love yoga, what a great way to spend time on yourself. Not only is it the perfect way to relax but it’s great for the soul. You’ve reminded me that perhaps I should get myself into a yoga class!

  • I have pretty limited ‘me’ time studying full time, writing and looking after all the kids. I always think Im coping well until small meltdowns like an unpacked dishwasher or a request for toast to be cut in a specific way with 12 seconds left to run out the door to school (this may or may not have happened this morning….it wasnt pretty). I recently incorporated more exercise into my life but I find that the more I try to squeeze in me time the more time poor I am with the other stuff. I think part of it is resigning myself to the fact that the kids are still little and that I need to work out a place where I go and work thats out of the house so that I feel like I get a break from looking at everything that needs to be done. Its tiring.
    Nicely written article considering I shy away from any writing about mothers guilt and me time.