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Style Picks: How to pack for a casual business trip


By Maz Durbin

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Packing for any trip requires a little research and forward planning, even more so when your trip is a multi-purpose adventure.

In just over a weeks time I will be winging it over to Beverly Hills, Los Angeles to attend some shows for LA Fashion Week, attend various business meetings and hopefully fit in a little sight-seeing.

I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve had about a month to plan what to pack. Even with this amount of lead time and the numerous fashion resources I have at my disposal, planning a travelling wardrobe to accomodate everything I need to do in LA has been somewhat time-consuming.

For me, the key is to pack versatile pieces that can easily be mixed and matched from day to night if need be. I’ll also need to leave a teeny bit of room for any new acquisitions I may pick up while I’m there…you know how it is.

So here’s my ‘LA Edit’ of some of the items I’ll be taking with me.

Now over to you – what are your packing tips or secrets?

1. Country Road Dolman Sleeve Cardigan $99.00   |   2.  Country Road Drapey Pant $99.00
3.  Allsaints Marina Dress $129.00  | 4.  Misano Olympia Ballet Flat $99.95
5. Alexander McQueen Scarf $355.00  |  6.  Oroton Metropolis Briefcase $695.00

1.  Witchery Keyhole Shift Dress $99.00  |  2.  Country Road Sateen 3/4 Pant $99.00
3.  Country Road Shell Top $129.00  |  4.  Witchery Draped Dress $169.95
5.  Topshop Ponte Blazer $64.00  |  6.  Trenery Notched Black Blazer $74.25
7.  Fendi Platform Slingback Pumps $600.00  |  8.  Alexander McQueen Petal Clutch $482.00

1.  Givenchy T-shirt $211.00  |  2.  Country Road Stretch Pant $79.95
3.  Topshop Swallow Tee $30.00  |  4.  Country Road Dolman Sleeve Cardigan $99.00
5.  Modcloth Scarf $24.00  |  6.  1 & 20 Blackbirds Clutch $27.97
7.  aFlat Ballet Flat $149.00




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  • Oh I do miss getting dressed up for work sometimes!