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3 common traits of successful women


By Jane Copeland

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Today I’m sharing three common traits of successful female entrepreneurs.

I’m writing this from the perspective of what I have seen with my own clients, many of whom have had success faster than most:

1. They are highly motivated.

This is huge. You would be surprised at how many people aren’t really actually that motivated to get what they desire.

On the other hand successful women ARE truly motivated to reach their goals.

This might mean they will stop at nothing to get the lifestyle they want, the business they desire or simply to share their life-changing work with others.

They take action today because they are motivated and determined to get what they desire.

They get that timing will never be perfect, the stars will never align and chances are you won’t have more money in your bank account next month unless something changes.

Results come from taking action and successful women know that.

2. They have a hot offer and signature system WITH a killer name.

By hot offer I mean, they are selling something that people want and have positioned it in a way that sells.

Here’s what I mean by killer name: Owners Collective, Passive Income Queen, The Lean Body Coach, Video Fame Academy and Build Your Fitness & Health Empire.

These are kick-ass brand and offer names that I’ve come up with for clients which have been runaway successes.

3. They value mentorship.

Having a great mentor is one of the most powerful advantages an entrepreneur can have.

Let’s discuss that for a sec…

Take any successful entrepreneur, athlete or artist in the world and I guarantee you they’ll be able to point out at least one mentor who made a difference in their lives.

Because when someone highly experienced and knowledgeable is in your corner, they can help you realise your potential and take your business to the next level.

In fact, according to the 650 startups surveyed in the Startup Genome Report, “access to helpful mentors” was the number one influence on success.

Mentorships matter.

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