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9 hot tips to rekindle your sex life


By Emma Mullings

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Are you busy managing motherhood, work, study and extra-curricular activities? Then it’s no surprise if spontaneous, wild, abandoned sex is at the bottom of your list of priorities.

It’s easy to place sex in the “luxury items” department of your life when weighing up it’s value alongside other legitimate family needs, such as earning money, doing the laundry and feeding children.

Way to often I find myself too exhausted at the end of the day, to be decent company for watching the television, let alone being able to find the spark needed for some under the covers action.

Having said that, given intimacy is a vital function in a healthy and happy relationship, isn’t it time you give sex the attention it deserves?

As I was in need of a kick start in this department,  I came up with nine hot tips for getting the honeymoon spread back in order. They are working for me so why not give these a go…

Sex starts in the morning.  I don’t mean morning sex. I’m talking about mentally preparing for the night’s events from the word go.  Schedule it in like it’s a night out. Yes that’s right, set yourself a calendar reminder if you have to.

Buy some new lingerie.  Treat yourself! Let’s face it, after breastfeeding, that bra IS too big for you, so get a new one with extra perk – it might be just the “lift” you need. And please, do throw out any underwear you were wearing while you were pregnant.

Send your hubby some “text loving”. Tell him you have a surprise for him when he gets home. Get that imagination ball rolling.  Totally out of your comfort zone?  That’s ok, it doesn’t have to be too raunchy just….’promising’.

Are you struggling to invite your man to the pants-off party?! Let’s face it, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Really want to fill his love tank?  Cook him a lovely dinner. YOU girlfriend, are the dessert.

Use the good plates. Yes this deserves a point on its own.  Why do we only pull out the good plates for people we see once in a while?  Make your loved one feel like the guest.

Read ‘50 Shades of Grey’.  Don’t have the budget? A vintage Mills & Boon will do the trick just as well.

Be spontaneous. For the truly brave, why not get a little wild? Meet hubby at work and suggest a quickie in the toilet. Too much?  Don’t worry, chances are you’ll never have to follow through.  The idea will blow him away enough to have him sweeping you straight home and into the bedroom.

Get some music going in the bedroom.  Music changes the atmosphere.  You could either play ‘Pony’ by ‘Ginuwine’ if you are that way inclined and want to get totally wild. Or for a more romantic atmosphere,  pull out your wedding/anniversary song. Either way let the music take you over.

Lock your door! Implement strategy “Keep kids out of bedroom”.  This includes making sure they have their own water/milk/drink of choice within their reach.

Do these actions and feelings will follow. Even if you don’t feel particularly in the mood, start making some of these moves and before long you’ll be feeling the love. Women’s “sexy hormone” (oxytocin) is released during the action, not beforehand. Whereas a man’s is released as soon as he looks at you (maybe that’s an exaggeration but you get my point).

Have fun ladies!  My challenge to you is to give at least one of the above a go this week and, if you’re really brazen, reply with your adventurous outcomes.

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Emma Mullings is a mum of two toddlers and works as a TV Presenter, Producer and Radio Announcer at HOPE 103.2FM. She is a fitness lover and journalism graduate who also likes to write music in her spare time....whenever that is!