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How to not fail when you start your business


By Jane Copeland

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What need is your business fulfilling?

Key to your business success is to consider what problem your business is solving.

Most often we ask ourselves what we want to create. But that’s not enough. If what you want to create as a product or service doesn’t meet a need or desire of your ideal customer, you won’t be very successful in selling it. It’s therefore essential to put yourself in the shoes of your customer.

Your ideal customer or client:

• is ready for what you have to offer

• makes a decision based on desire and not fear

• will benefit the most from what you’re offering

• values what you offer more than what it costs

• is willing to pay more than full price

• shares similar values with you

• looks to you as an authority, expert, artist, visionary

Those are the non-negotiables. The rest is up to you.

Start to think about the following…

When you think of your best customers, who do you think of?

Try to get inside her head.

Empathise with her situation and consider where she’s in need.

Where are you coming in contact with your customers? You absolutely must.

How are you seeing your customers expressing their needs? They always do.

Your goal is not to just identify what your customers are looking for. If that worked, wouldn’t we all be gazillionaires? No, your goal is to identify the underlying needs that they are expressing. Once you have their needs identified, you use your expertise, creativity, and ambition to meet them in ways your customers couldn’t have imagined.

So your first step is to truly identify the need you want to fill for your ideal customer. Consider what you’re trying to accomplish with your service or product.

Are you aiming to help people make personal change easier? organise their finances? feel beautiful everyday? run faster? eat better?

What is the fundamental desire you’re attempting to fulfill or the problem you’re trying to solve?

Health, Wealth, Relationships. These are the three core areas people will spend big money to solve problems.

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