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Things I’ve learnt about women as a Boudoir Photographer

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In the emerging world of boudoir photography, women of all ages are treating themselves to the experience of ‘boudoir’.

LCG-10Mention the idea of being photographed in your lingerie to any group of women, and you’ll inevitably receive a broad range of responses – from delighted fascination, to trepidation, fear and wonder!

Boudoir, you say?

Boudoir photography is an offset of 80s glamour (remember big hair and feather boas?) however in today’s translation the images are sexy, intimate and sophisticated.  We shoot in a gorgeous hotel suite by the beach, you’re treated to professional hair and make-up, there’s plenty of champagne, and the images are as far removed from FHM/Ralph as you could dare to consider.  Boudoir Sessions are liberating and fun, and allow women to celebrate a power, beauty and  confidence that may be a little forgotten in our everyday lives.

As the photographer on the other side of the lens, there is a beautiful trust between myself and my clients, and I have been privileged to learn a great deal about us all, as women.

Letting go is a special kind of joyLCG-16

My greatest discovery is that boudoir is less about the images we take, and so much more about the sheer thrill and ‘letting go’, that allows us to get down to our lingerie at all!  Perhaps we don’t have as many opportunities for this to happen, but I can see in all my clients there is a joy and confidence experienced during the session itself.

There is a powerful beauty in our age and experience

I have many young clients who adore gifting their boudoir images to boyfriends and newlywed grooms.  They’re a dream to photograph, they’re young and sweetly nervous, yet beautifully self confident. However, when women come to me as mothers, as wives, as ex-wives, as women celebrating a milestone birthday, now their boudoir sessions are something else.  There is a fabulous beauty in women who know their own strength, who have determined to find something that celebrates them.

Sexy does not fit a size chartLCG13

This one is the most important.  I have learnt that as women it is our capacity to love ourselves that is sexy, it is our confidence that is sexy, and it is allowing yourself to feel loved that is really sexy!  Size is irrelevant, and even when we don’t love ourselves as much as we should – taking a leap in that direction counts just as much.

Fear is a reward worth winning

As I mentioned earlier, booking a boudoir session can be scary and can trigger self doubts about our appearances.  It can also be confronting because as women (and I knew this already), accepting compliments does not always come easily.  Handing your trust over and sharing your fears with another is one thing, acknowledging your self doubts and booking anyway feels great, but the greatest courage that’s required when you allow yourself to hear and to believe, “Can you see, you are beautiful!”

Celebrate you

If you’re ready to do something that celebrates you, and that scares you a little but is both empowering and fun and lets you explore your sexy, confident, glamorous side, then I would love for you to get in touch.  Ask questions, find out more, or book your session.  I’m a boudoir photographer based in Adelaide and I specialise in providing beautiful, intimate portraits of women from all over Australia!  For Coping with Jane readers, I have put together a fantastic offer which lets you save $100 when you book before the end of Jun.

LCG13-7Please feel free to get in touch with me via email on or mobile: 0423 134 146. You can see other images of women who have had the Boudoir photography experience here

Louise Glendon xx

P.S. Boudoir images will never shared in print, or online, without a client’s full written consent, and so a big thanks to my gorgeous clients who excitedly let me share their images.



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Louise Glendon is an Adelaide Portrait Photographer who specialises in Boudoir Photography - a celebratory experience where women have the opportunity to set aside time purely for themselves, and allow Lousie to capture their beautiful, sexy and glamourous side that may not be a part of their everyday lives. Lou's images have been featured on photography and bridal websites, such as Bisou Bride, Little Muse Collective, Let the Kids Dress Themselves, and I Love Photography. She is also a proud member of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers.