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By Jane Copeland

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It was my son’s 4th birthday a few days ago. Here he is giving me a beautiful hug.


You might know that it was having my son that set me on the path of becoming an entrepreneur. Not only because I became a mother, but because at the time I fell extremely ill with a disease, Graves Disease, that left me disfigured – on my face (fixed now).

At I was looking for something to escape the horror that was happening in my life with this awful disease. I REALLY wanted to start a business but I had zero idea what type of business to start. I used to spend hours googling things like “business trends”,  “great business ideas for women”. I just could not decide what type of business to start.

In the end without any business plan, just a dream and a “why”, I created my blog, CopingwithJane.

20 best business blogs

Fast-forward to today and I’ve just received some wonderful news. CopingwithJane has been listed as one of Australia’s 20 Best Business Blogs for 2015 in Smart Company.

My blog has also ended up turned into a fantastic business where I make a good living doing something I love.

It’s funny isn’t it? Sometimes it is a greatest hardship that leads us to what we want to do in this world.  Can you relate?

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  • Congratulations Jane 🙂

    • Jane Copeland

      Thanks so much Ben!

  • Congrats on your achievement.
    Yes, sometimes it looks funny when we don’t expect such things from our business but it turn out to be huge.

  • Great blog for improvement.

  • Evan Goodman

    Impressive!Thanks for the post. Business Coach