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Web TV launch! Tips for managing anxiety at Christmas


By Jane Copeland

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For many mothers stress levels skyrocket particularly during the holidays. For others who struggle with depression and anxiety generally, this time of year can be even tougher.

According to Perinatal Psychotherapist, Melissa Hughes this is certainly the case. Melissa says that from October she starts to see women presenting in her practice with symptoms of anxiety caused by stress in the lead up to Christmas.

There are many reasons why. Shopping, cooking, planning, decorating, buying presents (and the hours of wrapping), alcohol, splitting yourself in two on Christmas day, the list goes on…and on! Is it really a surprise that so many women lose it around this time of year?

So, for my first episode of the new Coping with Jane Web TV, I thought it would be useful to look at the reasons why and strategies to ease the stress of the holidays and Christmas. There are three, two-three minute episodes in this Surviving Christmas series. In the first episode I interview Perinatal Psychologist, Melissa Hughes on Tips for managing anxiety at Christmas.

Whether you deal with depression and anxiety, or are a person who always gets really stressed during this time of year, I hope this three part series with tips on easing the stress of Christmas helps you a little.

This is the first episode of Coping with Jane Web TV. If you’d like to see the rest of the Surviving Christmas series, plus more Web TV episodes as they are published, you can subscribe to the newsletter below.

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