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Top Coach Profile: Pinky McKay


By Jane Copeland

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How'd you get so (web) famous?

Industry leader

Name: Pinky McKay

What are you an industry leader in?

Babies – breastfeeding and gentle parenting practices. I’m a lactation consultant and baby care author.

How long have you been around for?

More than 20 years – since before the internet. I started writing for The Age and the HeraldSun in Melbourne on health, education and family issues.

What do you sell?

I sell Books, eprograms and Boobie Bikkies – natural and organic cookies with lactogenic ingredients to encourage a healthy milk supply for breastfeeding mums. So physical products as well as information products.

How’d you get so (web) famous?

I am a pretty good source for media because my views are strong and I’m happy to express them.

I believe all mothers need support but I don’t pussy foot around issues that may cause some upset such as breastfeeding or sleep training.

I have had blogs go viral and have even had legal action against me because of an article I wrote about a doctor who advocated sleep training babies from as young as 8 weeks by shutting them in their bedrooms and not going in until morning!

On a positive, I have had a fabulous long article in the Daily Mail about a hashtag we created for Boobie Bikkies on instagram #whereareyoufeedingtoday – my press release headline ‘Breastfeeding mums do it on horseback in a fire truck on a mountain…. ‘

What’s the secret to your success?

Be real: Be who you are and say what you believe. What other people think of you is none of your business. If people don’t like you, they aren’t a potential client anyway. They can follow somebody else, they won’t be lost in the wilderness.

Be generous: I believe we need to give to get. I share information widely, my blogs, free downloads, free teleseminars – this all builds our lists and the know, like, trust factor.

Create community: I share other people’s blogs and information on my facebook pages (I have my own fan page and a Boobie Bikkies fan page). It’s lovely to introduce other women/men/ thought leaders/bloggers to my clients/ followers: it adds value, creates loyalty and increases my network.

Hold offline events: These support my online sales – I started offering talks in local libraries, now I do seminars in hotels – they make the tea and coffee! I promote events through facebook advertising, it’s so powerful.

Be Gracious: Thank everyone who helps you – every assistant, every person, every mummy blogger and every journalist who interviews you.

What are you excited about right now?

Learning, always learning. I’m loving Business Made Beautiful for new learning and a good kick in the pants (and fabulous support) from Jane to implement. It’s so exciting to learn new strategies to help more and more mums develop confidence and enjoy their babies. I’ve just been to a baby expo and it’s wonderful to get personal feedback from mums about my information and products.

Got anything exciting coming up?

YES! A free webinar “Breastfeeding Made Easy” on 22nd March.

Top Coach: Breastfeeding made easy

Number one tip to become a web celeb or industry leader?

Utilise social media – facebook is a great organic way to grow: post at least 3 posts a day. Share juicy, helpful information so it gets passed on and serve your followers generously – it’s all about them, not all about you. And don’t allow bitching. I delete and ban anyone who is nasty to another mum and have done from the beginning. I’d rather have a clean, supportive page than loads of irrelevant trouble makers.

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