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Top five lip glosses to bring out your inner sass


By Jodi Gibson

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Lipstick or lip gloss? Me, I’m a gloss gal!

Hence my alias: Lipgloss Mumma. I have a lip gloss in my handbag, in the car, the office and of course many adorning my bedroom dresser to ensure I never leave the house without silky, shiny lips.

Like all young teens experimenting with makeup, an Australis lip gloss was my first indulgence. I remember gliding it on my lips for the first time, so soft and shiny. It made me feel very grown up indeed.

I have come a long way in my lip gloss journey and while most women graduate to lipstick, I never could let go of my love affair with the gloss. It’s a bit like a good pair of jeans, dress it up or dress it down – its versatility is endless!

Lip gloss too has come a long way since my first Australis, with improved formulas that no longer bleed around your lips or disappear as soon as you speak.

So without much further ado I hereby introduce you to a few of my current favourites.

Product: Vinyl Max Gloss by Rimmel

Why I like it:

Luxurious is the only way to describe this lip gloss. On first glance you’ll notice the large applicator wand head, soft and full, it feels just lavish. The gloss itself is packed full of lip plumping enzymes to volumise your lips. You can actually feel the tingle as it works. It is smooth and thick without being sticky and has excellent staying power for a gloss. Your lips are left shiny, plump and really do feel glamorous. Available in six brilliant colours, this is definitely my number one choice.


Product: Colourburst Lipgloss by Revlon

Why I like it:

I haven’t usually been a fan of Revlon’s lip glosses as in the past. I’ve always found them to be rather sticky, the last thing you want a lip gloss to be, but they have certainly come to the party with their colourburst concoction. The gloss is smooth and creamy and has a brilliant crystal shine on application. It is actually quite moisturising and lightweight on the lips. Colourburst also has a brilliant range of colours, ten to be exact from gorgeous vibrant reds, to shimmery pinks and sparkly gold.




Product: Wetslicks by Covergirl

Why I like it:

Covergirl is one of the budget ranges, but they do actually have some awesome products, one being their Wetslicks lipgloss. This gloss has been around for quite a while which is testament to its formula. The gloss is smooth and as the marketing suggests is very similar to the feel of a balm, ultra moisturising and glossy. The only negative is the lack of staying power. It is certainly not something you should expect to take you through lunch. Having said that, it’s definitely my favourite every day gloss. I always have one of these in the car and my handbag for touch ups before school pickups or when running errands.


Product: High Shimmer Lip Gloss by Bobbi Brown

Why I like it:

Bobbi Brown is renowned for fabulous products and for good reason. Their High Shimmer Lip Gloss may be a little pricey for a gloss but if you are after a shimmery, long wearing lip gloss that is also great for your lips you won’t be disappointed. The gloss has a radiant shimmer that is subtle yet noticeable. It also boasts great long wearing properties without stickiness. Filled with aloe and jojoba extract, avocado oils and vitamins C and E, this gloss is definitely a luxury worth splashing out on.




Product: Lip Whip by Inika

Why I like it:

If you are after natural cosmetics it is hard to go past Australian brand Inika. Their Lip Whip gloss is 100% natural and full of natural vitamin E for ultimate hydration. The gloss glides on smoothly and provides an illuminating shine with a hint of colour that enhances your lips naturally. I also quite like the squeeze style tube as it’s great for one handed application on the go. Lip whip is available in four yummy colours and is also cruelty free and Halal certified.


Gloss has often gotten a bad rap in the media, especially from beauty experts and lipstick lovers, but there are now so many new formulas and colours these days that it’s definitely worth trying a few for yourself. Who knows, there might be a little glossy mumma inside you after all!

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  • I love lip gloss too! I love the look of Wetslicks by Covergirl.