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The truth behind every successful woman (it might surprise you)


By Jane Copeland

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I’ll get to that in a moment, but first, I want to tell you about the morning I've just had…

It was raining in Sydney today.

I had a late breakfast with my three year at a local café. Because it was raining, the shopping centre where we were, was packed with other mothers and their children.

As Elliott and I strolled hand in hand around the shops, I was beaming. It was one of those moments that I took it all in and really felt happy.

Happy that I am fortunate to be able to get up late and “do what I want”.

Pleased that persistence, determination and hard work does pay off.

Thrilled, that I am a female entrepreneur.

It didn’t happen overnight but then again it didn’t take years and years either.

It was having health issues and becoming a first time mother that led me to start my own online business. That was three years ago.

The starting point for me was starting a blog. For a while though, I didn’t know how to turn my blog into a business. But then my business reached a tipping point.

I’m under no illusions that working with mentors have been crucial to my success. Why walk when you can run, right?

Last weekend I did something that I have been dreaming about for a while. I ran an intimate one day mastermind event at my home, called Business Fast Track. 

I was delighted how it turned out. The opportunity of meeting like-minded business owners in a small personal atmosphere was a real hit for attendees… as was the champagne!

Here’s what guests had to say:

IMG_5714_new“My head is spinning at the new opportunities and contacts I made throughout the day and the prospect of making my business real! Thanks for such a great opportunity to be with like-minded business women (and men) and showing me a new world of opportunity.”  – Anna Partridge





jane 3_new

“I enjoyed everything! Exquisite attention to detail, the amazing food, goodie bags (divine), real champagne, location, speakers (great topics, really useful stuff) and of course the company and meeting old and new faces.” – Andrea Glazier




This type of inspirational and educational fun gathering of like-minded entrepreneurs, is just one of the perks you receive when you work with me.

Click the image to see some other perks (and see a tiny bit of footage of the event)!

spotlight on Caroline Cain 2




Back when I was in corporate I worked for some of the top organisations in Australia.

But it’s only now that I’m hitting my stride so to speak. What I mean is that I didn’t take, create or have the type of opportunities that I do now.

You are living in an age where the tools are there for you to create your own opportunities. Yes it takes courage but that’s okay.

The point is this. You don’t have to wait for someone else to see your potential, can choose yourself.

So, that’s the “big” secret, behind every successful woman is herself. 

The answer is always you. 

I look forward to continuing this journey together. I’m so glad you’re here.


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