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Two new women online to watch


By Jane Copeland

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Use your voice to change the world. It's possible, really.

Today I’d like to share with you two examples of women (like you and me), who are doing just that.

One of my service offerings is to work one-on-one with women who are at that place where magic is about to happen – the start of their online journey.

I’m privileged to be able to help these amazing women get their unique gifts out into the world, by providing mentoring around building an unforgettable online brand and biz.
It’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.

Here are two new women online to watch…

Jacinta Tynan, news presenter (Sky News), author and columnist 

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You might already be familiar with Jacinta’s candid columns about life, love and motherhood. She’s a regular in the media and a respected journalist, who has a reputation as being a commentator for her generation.

In case you missed it, a few years back after the birth of her first child, Jacinta put herself out on a limb in one of her columns, declaring that she found motherhood “easy”. In her story (for Sunday Life Magazine) she said she found being a mother one of the most joyful and rewarding things she has ever done and wondered why so many women complain about it.

Many readers wondered what on earth she could possibly know about being a mother when it was all so new to her. But many others wanted to know what her “secret” was. It’s taken a while (with another baby since and work and all the stuff in between) but she is about to tell you.

You heard it here first. Jacinta is starting a blog and writing a book – called Mother Zen – to reveal in depth how she (and many others) manage to find joy in the day to day of being a mum. In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview >> CLICK HERE.

How Jacinta and I are working together

In Jacinta’s own words…

“As a huge technophobe I was struggling with how to build a website – both technically and the best way to set out my content and get my message across. That lack of knowledge had me stuck. I had only ever worked with web designers before which I found frustrating because, while brilliant at the design side of things, they weren’t able to help on the rest of it. Since working with Jane I’ve increased my knowledge of online marketing and branding, and, most importantly, got started! Jane’s enthusiasm for my vision helped me see what was possible and make it happen.  I now have more clarity around the goals for my website and who I’m writing for. There aren’t many people doing what Jane does and it makes sense to have someone with this know-how to help navigate this often daunting space, in a warm hearted and generous spirited way. If you’re looking to build a blog, website and brand then Jane’s your woman.”

~Jacinta Tynan, founder of

 Annelies Hamdorff Gallagher, Director,

Annalise image for Leadpages
Annelies is the founder of The Dutch Principle, a leading outdoor training and virtual fitness training company, in Sydney’s Lower North Shore.

What’s unique about Annalise is that she is ex Military. It was while serving in the Dutch Military that Annelies learned that a young slim girl can be just as strong as any other and that it is inthe power of the mind to be unconquerable.

Through hardships in her own life and her experience serving in the military, Annalise has gone on to apply this combination of mental strength and physical fitness, to reach her goals and live her dreams.

Annelies now teaches other women how to do the same by using a using her unique system called The Dutch Principle: A principle that uses personal training, military techniques, life coaching tools and a dose of much needed philosophy to promote mental clarity, physical fitness and overall happiness.(Grab Annelies’ FREE 15 minute full-body-workout here.

How Annalise and I worked together

Annalise reached out to me as she wanted to take her offline business online. In her own words…

“Initially I felt I lacked online knowledge and was inspired to work with Jane as I was impressed with the online brand she had built. This was my first time working with a mentor and I’m so glad I did. I wanted to take my business online but didn’t know where to start or who I should be targeting. With Jane’s guidance I was able to clarify what I wanted my brand to be, create it and launch my online business. If anyone is considering reaching out to Jane, my advice is to absolutely do it!”

~ Annelies Hamdorff Gallagher, Director,

YOUR idea could change the world 

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Have a fabulous week ahead.

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  • Ashleigh

    Definitely 2 very inspirational women! I love Annelies website, what a great idea the Dutch principal! Looks like you’re doing some great work with some amazing people!