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What happens when you build a name for yourself online


By Jane Copeland

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Have you ever experienced a tipping point?

others-042A tipping point is often considered to be a turning point.

It’s a term that is used in many fields. In the butterfly effect of chaos theory, for example, the small flap of the butterfly’s wings that in time leads to unexpected and unpredictable results could be considered a tipping point.

Essentially though, a tipping point is the critical point in an evolving situation that leads to a new and irreversible development.

Well my business has reached a tipping point.

Last month I had the biggest month I’ve had since starting my online business a year and a half ago. Financially I’ve surpassed what I used to make in my “corporate” role.

So what? Well here’s what I want to tell you:

1. You can take your biggest setback, pain, drama, and turmoil, anything you’ve gone through in life that’s been hard, and turn it into your biggest comeback that makes you wealthy.

2. Through the power of branding + the web you can show up as the person you really want to be and have the thriving business of your dreams. Truly, you can.

You might know that the short version of my two year journey is that after I become a first time mother, I reinvented my personal brand (along with my life), by creating a blog which led me to now have a business where I consult with budding bloggers, entrepreneurs and small businesses on digital brand building and blogging. This happened from my kitchen table (with my baby on my lap).

What you might not know, because I’m never quite sure how to best explain it, is that part of what led to my current success, is that I got sick.

While pregnant I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, which not only made me very ill but destroyed one of my eyelids. For over a year I couldn’t leave my house because of how I looked. It was devastating.

But life goes on and it’s fixed now and I have my health back too.

The net result of my experience is this – I used to have a flimsy bamboo stick to use when I came up against life’s inevitable challenges. But now I realise that through hard work, challenges and obstacles – I’ve actually been molding, sharpening and transforming that flimsy stick into, well, a sword and a strong one at that!

So look my goal is for you to have a strong sword too, particularly in the online space. My business is all about giving you the tools so that you can create a name for yourself online by showing you what I know works.

With the new year at your heels chances are you might have started giving some thought to your goals for 2014. If one of those goals is a desire to explode online and either start or take your business to the next level in 2014, then I would love to help you.

Here are my current three service offerings:


This is an intensive 6 week service where I set up your sales funnel. It might be to launch a high level coaching program, online program or an evergreen funnel to generate an ongoing pipeline of leads into your business.

Hop on my wait-list to be notified when spots become available here >>


Starting October 2014 and running until April 2015.

This is a 6 month part group part one-on-one business accelerator focused on setting up  3 types of sales funnels.

There are 3 in person meet ups in various locations – Bali, Sydney and Queensland.

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Web Celeb Formula is a 6 week hybrid live group coaching and part digital program, to grow your online business. The program is designed to put all the pieces of the online puzzle together, and give you smart strategies you can easily execute that will get you results.

You can get on the early bird list to stay alerted for when Web Celeb opens up here.

If you’ve been following me for a while (or if you’re new here), thank you so much! I am so incredibly grateful for your support and for the privilege of being able to connect with you each week.

I wish you the greatest of success with your business!

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Jane Copeland is an Australian entrepreneur and head of The Business Made Beautiful Academy – an online business school for women utilising her unique Next Top Coach ™ System. She is also a digital marketing authority, publisher of the award winning blog and author of the book Boardroom to Baby. Jane's obsession with internet marketing and her teachings, have helped many people across the globe to stand out from the crowd and redefine their version of success. Learn more about Jane’s programs here.

  • Lonely-Janet

    I’m humbled by your sharing of this. I developed a neurobiological illness three years ago. Adapting to it continues to involve profound grief at the loss of the person I was ‘supposed to be’ . (I have postgraduate qualifications). The flame of hope that I can turn my biggest setback into my biggest triumph, with an online business, feels like a vote of faith. Thanks for being generous with your experience.

    • Jane Copeland

      Hi Janet, thanks so much for your comment. Well it really is true – you can turn your setback into something positive. Sorry to hear about your neurological illness 🙁 I get the grief that you feel when you lose your identity as you know it. Maybe you can try to create a new one? Wishing you love and support and I know you will get through it xxx