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Women are leaving the workforce in droves because of this


By Jane Copeland

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Have you heard the news?

As reported in Forbes today “A quiet revolution is taking shape right now among women.”

Women are opting out of the workforce, not to be homemakers but instead, wait for it, to be job-making entrepreneurs.

How exciting is that!

You only need to look at the stats to see that entrepreneurship really is the new women’s movement. Mothers, executives, school teachers, journalists, government workers – women of all ages are putting their ideas out there and starting businesses like crazy.

In fact women will create over half of the 9.72 million new small business jobs expected to be created by 2018 (in the US), and more and more are doing this from home offices.

What’s more date released this week about how women entrepreneurs fared during the recession really cements that this is a revolution with staying power.

Pretty cool, ha?

You might be wondering why. Well let me give you three reasons answering from experience, because I am one of these female entrepreneurs who is part of this necessary revolution.

Managing a family and a corporate career can be difficult.

First of all the sad reality is that although workplaces may try to offer working mothers flexibility, the corporate world is still very much a male oriented model which isn’t that flexible towards working mothers and parents in general.

More and more women are saying “no thank you” to these working conditions. Instead we start businesses that align with personal values and which offer freedom and flexibility and enables us to create a work/life situation that works with our families and the lifestyle we want.

This is exactly what happened to me which I wrote about in my book Boardroom to Baby. Like a lot of other women I had a vision that I wanted to do something for myself online. However it was starting a family which was the catalyst for me to give up my corporate role and make the decision to follow my dreams of having my own business.

You don’t have to wait to be discovered.

The second reason is because these days you can pick your own destiny.

It’s easier than ever to create a successful passion project, career or business that isn’t dependent on being picked by those with power.

Nobody is in charge and those that had traditionally done the picking are fading away. This is largely because of the opportunities the internet brings.

The result is you can pick your own career path instead of sitting around waiting to be picked. You can choose to shine the light on your own unique star and potentially get paid handsomely for it.

There’s never been a better time.

Finally, with the cost of starting a business at an all-time low, there has never been a better time to turn your idea into a business.

So, consider yourself told 😉 The opportunity is there for you if you want it.


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